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Social media users are dialing up the group chat

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Phone habits are creating a lot of buzz

Turning on Do Not Disturb.

Good. Not to be obvious, but it sure seems like everyone’s always on their phones — perhaps including you, right now. In fact, we’ll let these numbers do the talking: About half of 11- to 17-year-olds get at least 237 phone notifications a day, according to one study. And some get a lot more than that. As in, 5,000 pings and prompts in 24 hours. (For the record, adults aren’t much better.) Many of those come from social media, which, ironically, has become a lot less, well, social.

Hold the phone…

Here’s the status update. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, err, X may have started as places for sharing moody song lyrics, grainy sunsets, and way too many pics of your pet. But now, feeds are full of ads, suggested posts, and influencers hawking cleaning products — with the occasional update from friends or family. All of which might explain why people are posting less and re-entering the group chat(s). In carefully named grexts, people are sharing lol-worthy memes, work gossip, and cringe stories. But even the “Age of the Group Chat” comes with its own anxieties (see: racking up dozens of notifications in minutes). So for a true solution, stay…posted.


As social media has become increasingly overwhelming, many are swiping left on the whole experience — and getting back to basics.

what's happening

🗣️ In culture...

Nepo-friends are the new nepo-babies. Gen Z is learning what life looked like before the internet. And the show will go on for many late-night hosts. Same with the gov, which managed to avoid a shutdown — at least, for now.

👜 In style…

Two items that should be at the top of your shopping list? A top handle bag and a “big, sexy coat.” That’s as the latte look is overflowing into fashion, and color-changing clothes are making a hue-ge splash. Oh and the future looks equally bright for zodiac piercings

🧘‍♀️ In wellness…

New week, new ideas on #GymTok — including moving forward with backward walking and fueling up with, of all things, sour candy. TBD if those actually step up your game. But one thing you should make a daily-ish habit: “Mattering.” Because that matters.  

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sunday scaries, who?

A living room

Here’s one tip for a better start to your week. 

Hopefully, your home is already your happy place. But there’s a way to make it even happier: “dopamine decor.” The design trend — similar to “dopamine dressing” — is all about surrounding yourself with furniture, art, and other items that spark joy. Here are a few ways to open the door...

  • Embrace a theme. That could be your dream vacay spot, your fave color, or the latest aesthetic — which is Scotlandcore, apparently. Think cottagecore but cozier and moodier. So consider adding patterned wallpaper and rich paint colors, like olive green or navy blue. Decorate with still-life paintings in vintage frames, as well as various antiques, heirlooms, and treasures. And if you don’t have a fireplace, get a couple candles that smell like the real deal.

  • Tap into your inner artist. Of course, you could DIY. Or, if you’re not the artsy type, here’s a few tips for what to buy. Plus, some ideas for how to create a museum-worthy display.

  • Make a room (or corner) of one’s own. Whether you live alone or with others, pick a spot in your home that can be your comfort zone. Make it even more cozy by adding the perfect color scheme, using lighting to boost ambiance, and layering materials like rugs and pillows.  

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