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Former President Trump and 18 others were indicted in Georgia.

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Former President Trump and 18 others were indicted in Georgia.

Is this about 2020?

You guessed it. In January 2020, former President Trump called GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), repeated debunked claims of election fraud, and asked for his help to overturn Georgia's presidential election results. As Trump put it, “I just want to find 11,780 votes.” Four days later, Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol. In 2021, the Fulton County district attorney launched an investigation where a grand jury heard 75 witness testimonies. Yesterday, the jury laid out a 41-count indictment against Trump and others.

What are the charges?

Trump was charged with 13 counts, including violating Georgia's RICO Act, soliciting a public officer, and conspiring to file false documents. The indictments also named 18 others including former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former chief of staff Mark Meadows, and former White House lawyer John Eastman. The Trump campaign called the prosecutors in the case “rabid partisan” and called the indictment "bogus." It's the fourth time he's been criminally charged in four months. Trump has maintained that the other indictments are politically motivated.


Former President Trump’s list of indictments seem to keep getting longer. With the primary debate about a week away, and with the 2024 election just around the corner, the effects of these indictments remains to be seen.

and also...this

What people are talking about…

Mississippi. Yesterday, six white former officers pleaded guilty to torturing two Black men. Earlier this year, the six officers entered a home without a warrant and assaulted Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker. A neighbor called the police to complain about Jenkins and Terrell, who were caring for a paralyzed childhood friend. The six officers entered the house without a warrant. For about 90 minutes, the six officers forced the two men to strip, called them racial slurs, and assaulted them with stun guns and a sex toy. Jenkins was shot in the mouth. The officers then tried to cover up their actions by planting drugs and a gun. The former officers each face up to 30 years in prison.

Who got a win…

Kids in Montana. Yesterday, a judge sided with kids and young adults that the state must consider climate impacts when signing off on new fossil fuel projects. A group of 16 young residents sued over the Montana Environmental Policy Act — which prevents the state from considering greenhouse gas emissions or climate change when evaluating energy projects. The judge said the act violates residents' right to a “clean and healthful environment.” This ruling is a first and could be a “game-changer” for future climate trials in the US. Montana's attorney general called it a “taxpayer-funded publicity stunt.”

Who might’ve been blindsided…

Michael Oher. Yesterday, “The Blind Side” subject filed a petition against the Tuohy family for allegedly tricking him into a conservatorship. Oher believed the Tuohy’s had adopted him less than three months after his 18th birthday, but says they used their legal authority to make business deals in his name. The retired NFL star said the Tuohys — and their two biological children — made millions in royalties from the 2009 Oscar-winning movie. Now, Oher wants his share of the money plus damages. Sean Tuohy reportedly said they became conservators to satisfy the NCAA. 

What people are watching…

Spain v Sweden.

What a woodchuck could be interested in chucking...

Nestlé’s recalled chocolate chip cookie dough.

While “Zepotha” is getting the recognition it deserves…

So is girl math.

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