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Skimm Money: Cash Stuffing, Hot Strike Summer, and Gas Prices

Women own less, save less, carry more debt, and are less financially literate than men. That changes now.

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What is cash stuffing, and how can it help me manage my money better?


Charlotte Hall

Charlotte Hall

Author, speaker, and cash budgeting expert

The cash stuffing system is an old-school budgeting method that has been revitalized and rebranded. What you do is take your variable expenses and put money for them into envelopes so that you do not overspend. Essentially, you are using envelopes as a means of making sure that you stick within your budget. 

The number one way it can help you manage your money better is by allowing you to physically see cash in your hand as something tangible, and not just a card that you're swiping. When you’re swiping a card, it takes zero brainpower. But when you're handing somebody cash, you're thinking about how much money is going out of this envelope.

Plus, this method helps you rein in those bad behaviors and habits that you've picked up by just going to the store and swiping your card. For example, when I would look at my cash envelopes and say, “Ok, I only have $20 left here, I better pull my spending back,” as opposed to going into the store for a box of tissues and coming out with five items. 

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. You can read an extended version here.

money win

An inside look at how women are building wealth.

I recently hit my emergency fund savings goal in an HYSA through LendingClub. So I just created another HYSA through a different bank (Ally) where I can create buckets for specific goals. I'm letting my prior HYSA sit and grow while now contributing to Ally for a house down payment in the future, a potential car down payment, and a potential wedding.

— Paige C (VA). Save that money. And bonus points for using high-yield accounts to turn your $ into more $$$.

Scored a raise, saved up for a big purchase, or reached another money goal? Tell us about it here. Quotes are edited and condensed for clarity.

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Hot strike summer is heating up…

With members of the United Auto Workers on strike against all Big Three carmakers. PS: Here’s what that might mean if you’re car shopping.

Feeling pain at the pump?

The economy is, too. Last month, consumer prices were up 3.7% from the same time last year. Thanks, in large part, to high gas prices

Women are still recovering from the pandemic’s “shecession”…

But not at the same pace. Black women are experiencing a much higher unemployment rate than white women.

Good news: If you didn’t splurge on a trip to Italy this summer

It looks like airfare will be cheaper this fall.

investment piece

 The items celebs and influencers think are worth the big bucks.

Investment Piece Jen Batchelor headshot

Fine jewelry might shimmer, but for savvy investors, it can do more than just bejewel your look. We spoke to Jen Batchelor, the cofounder of the nonalcoholic beverage company Kin Euphorics, about how she strategically buys designer jewelry that polishes up real nice *and* has the potential to appreciate in value over time.

Tell us about a recent purchase that felt like an investment.

This Octavia Elizabeth Birds of Paradise Necklace. I've been investing in jewelry — gold and precious stones, but not diamonds. I try to source items from all over the world and have probably put $5,000 to $10,000 a year into pieces that I think will hold value for years to come.

How much did you spend on it? 


Why do you consider it a good investment? 

I see investing in jewelry as low risk, high gain because the barrier to entry is quite low and you are only making a few bets. You're betting on the raw materials, which have an inherent value. You're also betting on the designer having a story that can grow and increase in value over time. Also, authentication is key. You want to make sure the piece is signed by its manufacturer and that there are documents tracing back to the source of its materials. There are plenty of seasoned appraisers around, so never be afraid to ask for help!

Answers are edited and condensed for clarity.

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