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Skimm Money: Burnout, bonuses, and Beyoncé

Women own less, save less, carry more debt, and are less financially literate than men. That changes now.

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How can I avoid burnout working a 9-to-5 and a side hustle?

Give yourself time. Whenever we’re looking at our career or starting a business, there tends to be an underlying fear of scarcity. I always say entrepreneurship is a bait-and-switch because you think you’re signing up to start a business, but you’re really signing up for a crash course in personal development. It really forces you to look within and deal with a lot of the feelings that come up in the process.

Take it slow, touch base often with your initial goal or reason for starting the business, and focus on making decisions that will have a stronger impact in the long term vs. making split decisions for short-term gain. Your business and your health will thrive when you think long term, instead of focusing on survival in the short term. 

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. You can read an extended version here.

money win

An inside look at how women are building wealth.

“Super excited to share that I have closed on my first home and am officially a homeowner! I closed eight days before I turned 27. Thanks to saving, research, and grants I was able to put down 20% of my home's cost so I have no PMI [private mortgage insurance], which is even more exciting!”

— Danielle W (MA). Looking to lock down a mortgage this year, too? Here are the money questions every first-time homebuyer should ask.

Scored a raise, saved up for a big purchase, or reached another money goal? Tell us about it here. Quotes are edited and condensed for clarity.

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The rising cost of childcare is about to make things harder for working moms. 

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investment piece

 The items celebs and influencers think are worth the big bucks.

Investment Piece Alexa Moore headshot

Investing in the right equipment for your side hustle or business is like adding rocket fuel to your entrepreneurial dreams. If you’re ready to level up, Alexa Moore, a world traveler, content creator, and entrepreneur, is spilling the details about a $$$ piece of tech that she says makes everything from running meetings to editing images a breeze.

Tell us about a recent purchase you made that felt like an investment.

Apple’s latest iPad Air. Best investment I’ve made this year. 

How much did you spend?

$877.58. (Psst…pricing starts at $599 and goes up with storage and Wi-Fi add-ons.)

Why do you consider it a good investment? 

I’m constantly on the move, and editing content, writing copy, and running my business from my phone and super old laptop did not make sense anymore. So, in honor of one year of self-employment, I decided to take the plunge and invest in an iPad. With it, I can do anything I need, whether that’s editing images and videos or running meetings. It’s light enough for me to bring on any trip. My favorite perk is how much my photos and videos seamlessly exist on both my iPhone and my iPad (because of iCloud), which makes editing content that much easier. 

Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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