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How Eldest Daughters Can Start Putting Themselves First — Now

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How Eldest Daughters Can Start Putting Themselves First — Now 

If you’re always the one reminding your siblings to get your parents a gift or coordinating family get-togethers, you may be suffering from eldest daughter syndrome. While there isn’t extensive research on the health effects of this “syndrome,” that’s not stopping eldest daughters from sharing their stress from overachievement, fear of failure, and burnout on social media. So what’s a tired, big sister to do?  

First, find out how you got here

Your birth order doesn’t determine who you become but can help shape your identity, says Susan McHale, a former professor at Penn State. Being the firstborn means getting extra attention and pressure to fulfill parents' expectations.

Being female adds another layer. Daughters take on more of the "caregiving and the emotional work" than sons, says McHale. This often continues as they become "active agents within family systems," such as caring for aging parents, says Alison Alford, a clinical associate professor at Baylor University.

But it’s not all bad

Some eldest sisters come away from the experience with stronger leadership skills and a sense of purpose. Research also shows that when family members value their unit above themselves, it can lead to some health benefits. “Participating in family relationships is incredibly rewarding,” says Alford. 

Your move

If you’re struggling, reflect on how your familial role makes you feel. Depending on your answers, you may want to… 

1. Set boundaries. If you're draining yourself for your family's needs, Alford says to be clear about what you will and won't do moving forward.

2. Learn to let go. If you often seek control, the responsibility may fall on you to loosen your grip. Your siblings might surprise you.

3. Ask for validation. People just want to be noticed and valued, says Alford. If that resonates, try gently asking your family for more recognition.

4. Break the cycle. If you have or are considering kids, think about how you can avoid putting them into boxes. Don't gender their chores, and give them time to feel like a kid.

Read more about eldest daughter syndrome and how to navigate it

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