Watch SkimmU: Budgeting for the Big Stuff

1 min read|Apr 2, 2021|fbtwitteremail

In our second SkimmU course, we teamed up with Shannon McLay, CEO and founder of The Financial Gym, to talk about how to hit some of your biggest bucket-list goals. You know, like becoming a homeowner, confidently adding a tiny plus-one to your fam, and planning a big vacation (one day). Check out the pre-coursework, then watch the recording above.


  • Once you have a big goal, research all the related costs. Then break it down into smaller parts, based on your timeline.

  • Naming your savings account, automating monthly contributions, and celebrating small wins can help you reach your goals faster.

  • Don't let setbacks throw you off course — everything you do financially is fixable.

  • Before making big lifestyle changes (hi, buying a home and starting a family), test-drive what your new budget would be.

  • You can put aside money for upcoming trips every month – especially if travel is a non-negotiable for you.

‎Budgeting for the Big Stuff may be behind us, but you can put what you learned into practice by doing your post-course HW. Then check out our other classes.

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