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Picture it. Saturday morning rolls around, the weather is perfect, you’ve got an entire day free. It’s peak summer vibes and you’ve got one thing on your mind: a relaxing day at the beach.

Which is why we’re here to remind you to wear sunscreen. If you’re looking for just the right amount of shade and things to make the day a breeze, we also got you covered. After all, a stress-free day can only happen if you pack the right things. Life’s a beach and we want you to play in the sand. (Just make sure to stay six feet from other beachgoers. And check your local CDC guidelines on how to stay safe this summer.)

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For when you want your guac to stay perfectly chilled…
Cooler Tote
Pack a cooler tote
$10, Target

And bag the chips. This tote is leakproof, has an outside pocket for dry goods, and won’t be a pain to carry. Because no rolling cooler works on sand. Shoulder straps for the win.

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For when you want to lay down without sand sticking to you…
Beach Blanket
Choose the right blanket
$25.85+, Amazon

Aka, one that is waterproof and doesn’t trap sand. So you can relax comfortably. This one is big enough for multiple people and comes with stakes for each corner. Problem = solved.

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For when you’re trying to achieve that cute beach look…
Bathing Suit
Wear a colorful suit
$170, Andrea Iyamah

You may be sweaty AF, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. This suit is lined with full coverage. So you can jump into the water without fear of untied strings. Instagram is waiting.

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For when your bag feels heavy from the pound of sand sitting at the bottom…
Beach Bag
Pick a new bag
$49.95, Hammacher Schlemmer

This one filters out sand, dust, and water. So you can place it down without your belongings getting dirty. It also features inside pockets for your phone and wallet. Plus a magnetic snap closure. You’re welcome.

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For when getting a little color calls for skin protection…
Apply sunscreen
$15.99, Unsun

We can’t stress this enough. This one is SPF 30, lightweight, spreads evenly, and doesn't leave behind a white residue. It’s your beach BFF.

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For when your hands get greasy from spreading sunscreen…
Sunscreen Applicator
Rethink the way you apply
$15, The Grommet

This gadget lets you roll on sunscreen without using your hands. So they stay clean. And you stay protected. Plus it’s easy enough for kids to use. Bless.

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For when your phone speaker isn’t loud enough for everyone to hear…
Beach Speaker
Turn the volume up
$50, Shopbop

This retro-inspired speaker can connect to your cell via phone jack. So hit shuffle on your summer Spotify playlist. Or Lady Gaga’s new album.

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For when you want a break from the sunshine…
Umbrella Tent
Set up an umbrella
$59.99, Wayfair

Well, an umbrella-tent. It’ll provide all the shade you could need. And it features four interior pockets and lots of legroom. Boom.

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For when you wanna remember the time you spent in the waves…
Underwater Camera
Capture the moment
$20, Shopbop

This waterproof camera will catch all your boogie board wipeouts. And that sandcastle you spent an hour building. Say cheese.

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For when walking on the beach in flip flops gets awkward…
Beach Shoes
Slip on something more stable
$85, Soludos

You’re probably carrying too much already. Steady footing will be a plus. And did we mention these are adorable? Because they are.

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For when you need a place to rest your book and sunglasses…
Beach Table
Bring a mini table
$25.99, Wayfair

One that will fold down to be a little oasis for your things. No more sand in your phone speaker. Or wedged into the spine of your summer read. Phew.

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For when someone places their towel a bit too close to yours…
Beach Ring
Set some boundaries
$39.95, The Beach Ring

It’s like a polite way to say ‘please stay at least six feet away.’ When unfolded, the ring measures 12-feet in diameter. Safety before fun.

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For when you’re a mosquito magnet the minute you step outside...
Bug Bite Tool
Up your defense
$9.95, Amazon

This suction tool removes the irritant left behind that causes itchiness. So you can stop the reaction in its tracks. You can even try it on bee and wasp stings. Fight the bite.

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For when you wanna battle for who has to drive home…
Paddle Set
Volley it out
$28, Urban Outfitters

Just try not to lose the ball. Victory dances sold separately.

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