12 Products That’ll Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Published on: Jul 10, 2020fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
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‘Tis the season of patios. And if you’ve got a little space of your own, consider yourself lucky. With less trips to the beach … and more trips from the living room to the bedroom, a patio feels straight up luxurious. 

Which is why we’re here to outfit your home in the best way possible. HGTV is knocking.

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For when you need lighting and music to set the mood…
Speaker Lantern
Make it a two-in-one
$45+, Food52

This lantern does it all. It’s a Bluetooth speaker and has 10 color options to choose from, with four light settings. You can charge it up before you set the table and then bring it outside for the meal. Sold.

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For when you wanna grill, but are tight on space…
Mini Grill
Think small, but mighty
$59.95+, The Grommet

It’s portable and dishwasher-safe. And it runs via eco-friendly charcoal pods that heat up in 10 minutes and will provide one hour of cook time. Once you’re done, you can recycle the pods and pack the grate away. Simple as that.

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For when you wanna enhance the coziness factor…
String Lights
Hang lights
$34.99, Wayfair

Nothing ties a patio together like string lights. Or makes a space look as dreamy. Or gets more likes on Instagram. Double tap.

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For when you need some extra seating that isn’t bulky…
Floor Pillow
Use a floor pillow
$79.20, Society6

It’s both fade- and water-resistant. And is made from a durable polyester. Aka, it can be left outside and you don’t have to worry about it. Phew.

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For when you wanna spruce up your patio with some greenery…
Plants, plants, plants
$35, Bloomscape

This one can live outdoors, is pet-friendly, and requires minimal effort. It can survive in low to bright indirect light. Plant parents, assemble.

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For when you decide it’s time to set up a succulent garden…
Choose a planter
$13+, Made By Rheal on Etsy

And get to potting. It’s made of concrete so it can be left outdoors. Every plant needs a home.

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For when the mosquitoes start biting and don’t stop biting…
Light a candle
$18+, Terrain

A citronella candle, of course. So bugs stay at bay. Get ready to decorate your table.

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For when you don’t have a yard to play games in…
Bean Bag Toss
Size down
$22, Urban Outfitters

Because a mini-sized bean bag toss is just as hard. And just as much fun. Good things come in small packages.

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For when you wanna stand on something a bit more comfortable…
Outdoor Rug
Lay down a rug
$60.74+, Wayfair

But an outdoor rug that is weather-resistant and made from recycled plastic straws. Oh, and it’s stain-resistant. So you can confidently carry your wine glass outside. Cheers.

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For when the summer heat has you literally baking…
Kiddie Pool
Cool down
$50, Shopbop

And hop into a pool. A kiddie pool. This one has a sunshade. Just remember there’s no lifeguard on duty.

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For when you need a little quiet time from the fam...
Hammock time
$169.95, Anthropologie

Hang it wherever you want and get ready to drift away. Beach waves sold separately.

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For when you’re looking for a little company…
Set up a birdhouse
$38, Anthropologie

Human roommates can get kinda annoying. Bird roommates are kinda cool. And who doesn’t wanna sip their morning coffee to the sound of chirping? Sign us up.

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PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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