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9 to 5ish: Fran Lebowitz

January 5, 2022

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Fran Lebowitz found fame as a writer in the 1970’s, when she started out writing movie reviews and magazine columns. She went on to publish two essay collections containing her observations of New York City and the people around her — cementing her as a definitive voice of a generation. 

On Bucking The Trend

Fran: Not knowing how to type was a deliberate thing on my part. I did not take typing class in high school because if you knew how to type, and you are a girl, that was your job.

On Staying Relevant 

Fran: I know you're not gonna believe me. I never thought it might maintaining my cultural relevancy. The people who really try to do that I think mostly are just trying to sell people stuff.

On Her Wardrobe

Fran: People should outgrow worrying about what other people are wearing. What I would say is wear the best clothes you can afford. If you're really worried that other people aren't wearing that, then you're in junior high school. 

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