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9 to 5ish: Lindsey Vonn

January 19, 2022

Lindsey Vonn isn’t just physically tough – she’s also known as one of the most mentally strong athletes. She started competing in international skiing competitions when she was just nine years old, and went on to become the most decorated female skier in history, including winning three Olympic Winter Games medals. And along the way, Lindsey dealt with a number of terrifying injuries, which challenged her mental and physical strength. After retiring from professional skiing, Lindsey’s switched arenas, starting her own production company, writing a memoir and leading her own foundation.

On Building Confidence

Lindsey: You need to be confident in what you're doing and also be fearless. And I think over time, I've developed that in other things — in business and this next kind of phase of life, I feel because I am prepared and confident, I'm able to be fearless and transitioned that same skillset from skiing into really all aspects of my life. 

On Finding Positives

Lindsey: Had I not had the obstacles that I had in my career, I wouldn't have appreciated the successes as much as I did. And I think it did help me from getting burnout. I always say if I didn't wasn't injured, I could have achieved so much more — but at the same time, maybe I wouldn't have been as hungry.

On Being Competitive 

Lindsey:  I definitely am competitive about pretty much everything, from driving to being with my family, to friends, business, skiing, tennis… I literally get so mad when I play other sports, I feel like I have to win. So it can be really positive ,which it was in ski racing and also in business. But I think in other aspects, I've had to learn to let things go and I can't win at everything.

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