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9 to 5ish: Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

Jan 12, 2022

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg went from working in nightclubs and modeling to becoming one of the first people to start streaming workouts online. That turned into her own health and fitness app, which now has thousands of paying subscribers. Today, Melissa has almost one million Instagram followers and her app, Melissa Wood Health, is a case study at Harvard Business School — despite the fact Melissa never went to college herself.

On Developing Intuition

Melissa: Consuming and absorbing other leaders, other teachers in the space, their information that they share, and someone who speaks to you. There's so many people. And I think getting curious and having a curious mindset is really helpful. And then trying a few things. That's also what created the MWH method because I tried it all on. I was doing everything. I was torturing myself, but then I wasn't torturing myself. And then I felt the shift, like, this feels good. 

On Building Confidence

Melissa: I wasn't so comfortable sharing. I was very insecure and it was hard for me to share videos of myself, talking to the camera. And the more that I got comfortable and I started sharing more of my practices, it was really driven from the community that I was building. So the more that I honed in on the community aspect of it, it got me more excited and more confident to share.”

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