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9 to 5ish: Victoria Eady Butler

Jun 1, 2022

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After a 30-year-career in law enforcement, Victoria Eady Butler did what most people do. She retired. But just days into relaxing and investing in new hobbies, she kicked retirement to the curb. And instead, opted for the chance to learn about what she says is in her blood: whiskey blending, at Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey. 

On Her Approach to Working in a New Field

Victoria: I am not going to pretend to be superwoman. I am not. Naturally I had some nerves, but I did not have any hesitation. And of course, came the opportunity to continue my family's legacy. So, naturally it's a little bit different than someone else who may be starting a whole new career. But the opportunity to continue my great-great-grandfather's legacy was one that I just couldn't say no to. 

On How Her Family’s Legacy Shows Up in Her Own Work

Victoria: Not to sound like a broken record or to quote cliches, but whisky truly is in my blood. What I've been able to accomplish within such a short period of time has never been done before. And it certainly has not been done by anyone who wasn't in the spirits industry with a stream of experience for years. So I just believe and acknowledge that what my great-great-grandfather presents—in regards to the skills of making whiskey—I too have those skills and capabilities.

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