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Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power on Evolving Their Careers and Finding Peace

November 1, 2023

Actress-turned-entrepreneur Cameron Diaz and consumer brand builder Katherine Power (WhoWhatWear, Merit Beauty, Versed) had been friends for years before they decided to launch Avaline, their transparently produced organic wine brand. After realizing the wines they loved were full of additives and hidden ingredients, they saw an opportunity to create a new kind of bottle – and transform the wine industry in the process. We spoke with them about how they've transformed their careers, and their lives, by launching this brand.

In this episode, they share: 

  • Why Cameron left acting behind – and what that’s unlocked for her

  • Katherine’s tips for time management and efficiency 

  • What we can’t Google about Cameron 

  • How they broke into the alcohol industry 

  • The surprising things you should look for when choosing wine

On Getting Real About Work-Life "Balance"

Cameron: Women for so long have thought that they had multiple hundred percents to give. They could give a hundred percent to their family. They could give a hundred percent to their career. They could give a hundred percent to themselves … but in truth, in reality, we only have 100 percent. And as a mother, as a person, as a businesswoman or professional, I really have to think of how I want to split that 100 percent up and how much I give to each of those things.

On Why They Started Avaline

Katherine: We were spending so much money in our lives buying organic groceries, and non-toxic cleaning products, and beauty products, and all of that. And then, when we turned our wine around, we were reminded that wine is one of the only consumables where you have no ingredient information or nutrition facts listed. When we learned what is commonly added to wine during the winemaking process of most commercial wines, or many commercial wines, including colors, concentrates, sugars, we were pretty shocked by it.

On Why She Retired from Acting

Cameron: I think that people's instincts are: if you're in a top position or if you're at sort of the pinnacle of your career and you've had success for a long time, that you're meant to kind of keep going and stay in the game and continue to try to stay on top. Kind of this idea of being on top, that was never my drive as an actor. I was never trying to sort of be in any kind of pole position. You know, I just really loved making movies. 

…When I decided to step away, it really had nothing to do with where I was at, what I had achieved, whether or not I had another movie in me or not, you know. It was really about making a choice about my life and engaging in it in another way and that was what was most important to me.

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