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Rita Ora on Taking Control of Her Career

December 6, 2023

From the outside, you would think singer, songwriter, actress, and TV host Rita Ora has always felt fully in control of her career. But like a lot of us, Rita struggled with self doubt about her career direction – and faced industry challenges. Still, none of that stopped her from achieving the multidimensional career she wanted. This week, we spoke with Rita about how she remained intentional and purposeful in the face of setbacks, and how she grew her brand and her confidence.

In this episode, Rita shares: 

  • The wellness practice she swears by 

  • How she manages her anxiety 

  • Why - and how - she’s created a “360-degree” career for herself 

  • Her experience suing her former label, Roc Nation, for neglect

  • The mantra she repeats to herself when she faces adversity 

On Blocking Out External Noise

Rita: I'm not afraid of, I guess, people not agreeing with my decisions because they kind of again, don't know me…and I just think that at the end of the day, if you live like that, you'll end up a happier person. And a lot of people, I think in, and especially women, in this industry get very judged for who they date, what they do, who they sit with and things like that. And if you consciously think, I honestly don't care, then they'll say what they say, but it will just not affect you.

On Why She Left Her Original Record Label

Rita: The decision process was pretty transparent because I just wasn't growing, I wasn't evolving. I was seeing others have all this incredible success and it was around the same time that we were all kind of coming up together and I just wasn't understanding why I wasn't feeling the same success. And I guess seeing it from an outside perspective, I got really frustrated and doubted myself as if there was sort of something wrong with me or what I was doing.

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