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I Feel It Coming: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Surrogacy Shortage, Ukraine

April 7, 2022
  • First: We’ve got the context on the biggest stories from the week –from Oklahoma’s abortion ban… to a new date you might want to add to your calendar if you’ve got student loans

  • Next up: We’ve got an update on what’s going on in Ukraine – and where things stand after Ukraine accused Russia of committing serious war crimes. 

  • ICYMI: If you’ve tried to buy a house recently – it seems like actually closing on a place is harder than winning the lottery. We’ll break down the wild ride that is the housing market, and ask two experts: when are we gonna get some relief? PS: Need tips on buying a home in a crowded market? We’ve got you covered

  • Then: Americans are seeking surrogates to start or expand their families…but can’t seem to find anyone. We’ll talk to two experts about why this already complex process just keeps getting harder.

  • Finally: If you’re in need of some quality R&R, you’re not alone. We’ll tell you about the unexpected place more people are going to get some rest.

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

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