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Indian Matchmaking and the Rebirth of the Music Video

Aug 23, 2022

We’re kicking it off this week with a rundown of a big win for HBO Max (House of the Dragon, we’re looking at you) and a whole lot of cringe. A plantation wedding, Bennifer? Really?

Then, it’s a conversation with The Juggernaut’s Ishani Nath about Indian Matchmaking, and why she says the Netflix show about arranged marriages is still a hate watch. We get into what the series gets right, what it’s still getting wrong in season two, and why Sima from Mumbai fires up so many feelings. 

And finally, the VMAs are right around the corner. But who even watches music videos any more? We talked to Rolling Stone writer Claire Shaffer about the rise, fall, and rebirth of the medium — from the big-budget heyday of Michael Jackson’s ’80s to the boy bound countdowns of TRL to today’s YouTube-ready viral sensations. 

You’ll hear from: 

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