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Kristen Bell on Mental Health at Work

Sep 21, 2022

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On Her Definition of Confidence

Kristen: Confidence is: if you're in a meeting and it is dragging, somebody having the confidence to say, I love you guys so much, but we gotta get this show on the road. And knowing you're not there to hurt anyone's feelings. Confidence is saying I'm really, really off today. So, I apologize. I'm gonna be a little bit more withdrawn. And then, going about your day. But it's giving people the information about you they might need in order to work in the same situation. Because hiding? People still feel it. You can feel when people are anxious around you. So you gotta lead with honesty and confidence and say, I have anxiety and today's a really anxious day for me. So, is it okay with you if I leave 30 minutes early or is it okay with you? If I just kind of fade into the background, but I'll get all my work done. Whatever you need to say. 

On Leading with Your People In Mind

Kristen: Kindness does come first. And I think I try to look at each of my endeavors, like true teamwork, like a community. So, I'm not a good part of the community if I'm trying to break someone down. I'm a better part of the community and our team will succeed if I'm saying, “okay, how do you think this could be better? Because I feel like I'm looking at these numbers and they're not where they should be. Is there anything that you need to get them there or do you need more time? How much time do you think that you need? Is there anything this next go round that could be improved?”. Empowering people, as someone in a position of power. The most important thing is to hand out my power all over the place.

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