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Mood Ring: Airport Drama, Netflix, Sustainable Living

Apr 21, 2022
  • First: Russia is restrategizing in Ukraine ahead of an important deadline. We’ll take a look at how the war is changing. 

  • Next: We’ve also got the other big headlines from the week: from Netflix execs are freaking out right now, to the latest union efforts at Apple. Plus: why millions of student loan borrowers are about to get some relief. 

  • Next up: If traveling has been a nightmare for you, you’re not alone. Are cancellations, delays, and lost bags the new normal? We’ll ask a travel expert how to avoid the mile cry club. 

  • ICYMI: All eyes are on France as they pick a new president. And spoiler: both candidates are controversial. We’ll break down why this election has everyone saying ooh la la…in 60 seconds. 

  • Then: While some people use Earth Day as an excuse to post their vacation pics on IG, we’re asking someone who lives a climate-conscious lifestyle 24/7 for her tips. PS: if you want more tips, read her climate diary here.

  • Finally: Has your phone been blowing up…but not in a good way? Americans are getting spam texts at record high rates. We’ll break down how to clean up your messages.

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Shelby Magid, Associate Director, the Atlantic Council's Eurasia Center

  • Matthew Howe, Senior Manager of Travel Intelligence, Morning Consult

  • Alicia, Rachel, Madison, Skimm HQ’rs 

  • Lucia Priselac, Director, The Uproot Project

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