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Pinky Cole on Helping Others Win

January 11, 2023

Pinky Cole came up with her business, Slutty Vegan, in her apartment in Atlanta. She started by taking orders through Instagram DMs and eventually expanded to multiple locations outside of ATL. Now, her company’s worth $100 million. But she says: she wouldn’t have gotten there without hitting rock bottom first. Today, how Pinky found her success, and why she wants to help people in the Black community find theirs too. 

In this episode, Pinky shares: 

  • Her favorite recipe from her new book, "Eat Plants B*tch"

  • How a grease fire that destroyed her restaurant was actually a blessing

  • Her philosophy on success – and why it’s not about being the only one winning

  • Why giving up entrepreneurship and returning to a 9-5 job was the hardest thing she’s done in her career

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