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Rachel Bilson on Taking a Pause

Sep 7, 2022

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On Her Best Friendships

Rachel: My best friends that I refer to have been my best friends for 25+ years, and we have grown up together. We have been through everything together. There are things in my life I would not have gotten through without them. And when I say I can survive anything, I mean, with them by my side most of the time. But it's so important to surround yourself with women that can hold you up, can support you, not judge you and actually be true friends. And as you get older, you learn who are actually true friends and who aren't. And you keep those ones closer. For me, having the same friends I had before I was working in my career and we really have grown up together and they were with me on that trip that we got paid by Playboy. We have been through absolutely everything. It's so precious and so valuable. 

On Her New Podcast, Broad Ideas

Rachel: I am an open book to a fault. Anyone who knows me well or is close to me, they know every, absolutely every little detail about me. Cause that's just how I am. I've been very private publicly in my career and in my personal relationships. And I still am when it comes to that stuff. But the things that seem taboo to talk about or the things that my girlfriends and I will go into at length – sex relationships, kids, motherhood, all of it – I wanted to create a safe platform. To be able to talk about these things and realize it's so normal. And it's a safe space to do that. It’s basically what you talk about with your best girlfriends.

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