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Skimm'd from the Couch: Diane von Furstenberg

April 7, 2021

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Diane von Furstenberg (aka DVF) knows the secret to a long and successful career. Hint: it’s reinvention. She’s been in the fashion business since the 1970s. But she’s changed her direction, and her brand, more than a few times. This week, DVF joined us to tell us how to embrace change (even when it’s hard) so you can be the designer...of your own life. 

On Staying Anchored

DVF: Everyone has a brand. Your life is a brand. So your life is a brand and you can design your brand. You can design your life. Listen, we don't have control of everything, clearly. I mean, terrible things happen and all of that. But you never lose your character, right? Remember that. You could lose your health, your wealth, your beauty, your family, your everything, your freedom, but you never ever lose your character. Your character is the little house inside yourself; it’s your shelter. The only thing you have control of. So remember that.

On Reinvention

Carly: When you look back at all of the things that you've been through and how you reinvented yourself and the brand many times, what has been the hardest moment in that?

DVF: I reinvent myself every day. Every day. You have to. So for me, this whole thing is a practice. I can't live any other way. Many days I wake up...and I feel like a total loser. Only losers don't feel like losers. Everybody feels like a loser, but then you just go on with it, you know? 

And that's why I say the most important relationship in life is the relationship you have with yourself. Once you have that, any other relationship is a plus and not a must. And therefore you need to be alone. You need time for yourself. You need to be critical with yourself. 

Live Smarter

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