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theSkimm Unveils its State of Women Campaign, Including Data-Driven Report and Digital Hub, for Women to Design the Lives They Want to Live

State of Women
March 9, 2023

theSkimm’s campaign and corresponding report, conducted with The Harris Poll, affirms the reality and unsustainability women are facing, while offering the resources they need to get out of survival mode and change the status quo

March 9, 2023 (New York, NY) – theSkimm, a mission-driven digital media company geared towards millennial women, today unveiled its inaugural State of Women initiative – a year long campaign to help women take agency of their lives and take control of their futures. A global pandemic, back-to-back recessions, a rollback on reproductive rights with no progress on paid family leave or child care. And an endless battle for gender equity. The state of women today? It’s not working. And that’s why 83% of women surveyed are rewriting and redefining what it means to be a woman in America.

For the last decade, theSkimm has advocated for and informed millions of millennial women – breaking down the news, trends, policies, and politics that impact their lives – while delivering the necessary resources they need to make confident decisions. On the heels of sparking the #ShowUsYourLeave initiative and helping their audience take one million voting-related actions last year, the brand is taking things one step further with the launch of its State of Women data-driven, action-driving initiative – infused with expert advice, solutions for women, and smart conversations on how to take control of their futures. Kicking off with a proprietary study conducted with global market research firm, The Harris Poll, the State of Women shares direct feedback and insights from women on how they are collectively feeling and all they have endured. 

“Women are in crisis – but that’s not new or news – because that’s how it’s been for decades. theSkimm’s State of Women initiative is our proof point. Our goal is to highlight not just what hasn’t been working for women, but also – and more importantly – how the systems in place were never designed to support women in the first place,” said theSkimm’s co-founders and co-CEOs, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg. “We’re not going to sit back and continue to watch it happen. Instead, this initiative gives perspective on how the mindset of women has shifted. And as the go-to resource for millennial women, theSkimm is right there with her, offering her the information she needs to not just clear her plate but to redesign the systems to make sure she is seen, heard and valued in every aspect of her life.”

As part of the State of Women initiative, theSkimm will deliver robust multimedia and original content throughout the year across web, social, newsletters and audio. These resources, tools and guides will offer solutions to help women reprioritize themselves and clear the path towards their future selves – essentially supporting them in changing the state of their money, wellness, parenting, politics, and more. 

The State of Women Report 2023, conducted among 4.5K women from a wide range of backgrounds and life stages, brings to light systemic challenges that persist against women, and highlights how they are charting a new path forward. When it comes to their finances, mental health, careers, wellbeing and family planning, women are taking control of what they want for their futures. 

  • 79% of Millennial women agree, “I am concerned with the social expectations around unpaid labor/mental load that women are responsible for” although the silver lining is that: 83% of women are taking agency by writing the next chapter of being a woman in America and 89% are redesigning the lives they want to live.

  • 82% of women said that while there’s much talk about how overburdened women are, no one is actually helping them ease the burden. And, mental health is the #1 well-being issue on women’s minds.

  • 71% of women feel it's their job to worry about and think through all potential scenarios, should something bad happen and 74% of women are worried about the mental state of her female friends. 

  • 87% of women have or want to create more sources of financial stability in their life – and 60% are taking action by taking on a side hustle, shifting to a higher-earning career, or advocating for a promotion. 

  • 84% of women wish men would step up and become advocates and partners in the push for women's equity in society and 85% of women believe that brands should actively make women’s lives better.

To learn more on theSkimm’s State of Women initiative and read the comprehensive white paper, please click here.



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