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20% Off Yearly Subscription at Brilliant

Bite-size lessons to future-proof your skill set. And learn the concepts behind AI, chatbots, and more. This brand’s hands-on lessons make it easy (and fun) to build data and computer science skills fast. Oh, and Skimm’rs get 20% off a subscription. Try it free.*


Shop NowExpires May 31, 2023

25% Off Kitsch

Everything you need for those shampoo-exfoliate-sing-in-the-shower days. This all-in-one kit includes rice water protein shampoo and conditioner bars, a sugar scrub bar, a detoxifying bar, and an IG-famous shower caddy. Plus Skimm’rs get 25% off with code SKIMM25.*

Promo code: SKIMM25

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

$25 Gift Card for Caraway

A major deal that’ll help keep your kitchen (spring) clean. Caraway’s ceramic-coated cookware has a naturally slick surface that’s free from harmful chemicals. And it comes with a free storage kit. Plus, right now, Skimm’rs get a $25 gift card when they spend $95.*


Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

20% Off Pendulum

Doctor-backed, Halle Berry-approved gut supplements. This probiotic naturally replenishes your gut microbiome. So your metabolism gets a boost. And you get fewer sugar cravings and energy crashes. No wonder it’s got so many fans. Use code SKIMM20 for 20% off your first month.*

Promo code: SKIMM20

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Seratopical RevolutionHealth

25% Off Seratopical Revolution

A scientific breakthrough in skincare that works instantly. This wrinkle-reducing serum from Nicole Kidman’s beauty brand partner uses an advanced nano tech delivery system to visibly minimize fine lines and under-eye bags in seconds. PS: Skimm’rs get 25% off and free shipping.*

Promo code: SKIMM25

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

40% Off Beam

A sugar-free citrus blend for your daily routine. Made with 16 science-backed ingredients, this powder is clinically proven to reduce cortisol (aka the stress hormone). Support for your stress levels and heart health, coming right up. Psst…Skimm’s get an exclusive 40% off with code SKIMM.*

Promo code: SKIMM

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Land KindRetail

30% Off Land Kind

One capsule with lots of benefits. This vegan, gluten-free supplement can help you keep calm and productivity on. It provides natural energy, encourages stronger cognitive performance, and helps balance serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels. Use code SKIMM30 for 30% off.

Promo code: SKIMM30

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Noteworthy ScentsRetail

20% Off Noteworthy Scents

How to find a perfume that’s juuust right for you. It’s hard, we know. But this brand uses AI to find your perfect scent match. And they’ve got an 89% success rate. Plus, Skimm’rs get 20% off a personalized Discovery Kit with code SKIMM20. Scent-sational.

Promo code: SKIMM20

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Chirp BooksRetail

50% Off Chirp Books

Something to help you get ahead on your 2023 reading goals. This site features 500+ audiobook deals starting at $1.99 every. single. month. With zero monthly fees or commitments. The best part? Skimm’rs can save 50% on their first purchase with code SKIMM50.

Promo code: SKIMM50

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

30% Off Ritual

Something to support the gut microbiome. Because yes, that’s a thing. Ritual’s 3-in-1 pre-, post-, and probiotic is designed to reach the colon (aka thrive city for probiotics). PS: Skimm’rs get 30% off their first order with code SKIMM-30.*

Promo code: SKIMM-30

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
The Farmer's DogRetail

50% Off The Farmer's Dog

Really good dog food that’s also really good for them. Keep the healthy vibes going all winter long (and beyond) with this brand’s delicious, human-grade dog food. Which they’ll deliver right to your door. Did we mention Skimm’rs get 50% off their first box?


Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Obe FitnessRetail

$99 Special at Obe Fitness

Career advice from an award-winning journalist. We chatted with Lisa Ling, host of CNN’s “This is Life with Lisa L”, in our latest 9 to 5ish ep, sponsored by Obé Fitness. Hear how she found her voice and forged her own path here.

Promo code: SKIMMYEAR

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Outdoor VoicesRetail

10% Off Outdoor Voices

Sweats that feel like a warm hug. This brand’s CloudKnit fabric is so soft it’s been compared to a golden retriever’s head. Translation: You’ll wanna wear it all winter. Bonus: Styles start at 30% off. Psst…get an extra 10% off sale items with code SKIMM10.*

Promo code: SKIMM10

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

55% Off Babbel

What you need if your 2023 goals include learning a new language. This app has everything from vocab exercises, to speech recognition tech, to live virtual classes. It’ll have you chatting like a local in just three weeks. Here’s 55% off for a limited time.


Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Bride BriteRetail

40% Off Bride Brite

How to get a brighter smile in 10 days. This brand’s sensitivity-free advanced teeth whitening kits are the perfect way to combat hot cocoa and red wine stains. And they’re having their biggest sale of the year. Plus, Skimm’rs get 40% off with code SKIMM40.

Promo code: SKIMM40

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

20% Off Vuori

Leggings you’ll want to wear every. single. day. They don’t call them Daily Leggings for nothing. Be sure to peep the new seasonal colors. They’ll be your go-to pair for running and yoga. (And holiday movie watching, too.) Here’s 20% off your first order.*


Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

20% Off Outerknown

A shirt all your closet sharers will be stealing. Seriously, you’ll want to gift your sister (and mom and best friend) her own. This sustainable blanket shirt is made of super soft organic cotton. In a timeless style that works year-round. Here’s 20% off.

Promo code: SKIMM12

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

20% Off Cariuma

Celeb-loved sneaks that celebrate PANTONE’s 2023 color of the year. This cool sustainable sneaker brand’s got six different, IG-worthy styles to help get ya in the spirit. Including ones with over 20K five-star reviews. PS: Skimm’rs get 20% off. Go ahead, treat yo’self.

Promo code: SKIMM20

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

20% Off Giapenta

Loungewear you’ll want to gift to everyone you know. Including yourself. This female-founded brand’s ultra cozy loungewear is buttery-soft and sustainably made. They’ve also got temp-regulating bras and bodysuits that’ll have you saying ‘bye’ to boob sweat. And Skimm’rs get 20% off their whooole order.

Promo code: COZY20

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023

$19 First Month at Future

A new kind of personal training that’ll give you a headstart on your 2023 goals. This brand’s expert coaches will build a custom workout plan with your sched and experience in mind. Try it risk-free for 30 days for just $19.*


Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023
Kind of WildFood & Bev

20% Off Kind of Wild

Organic wine made sustainably that juuuust may become your new go-to vino. Kind of Wild’s wine is made with the planet in mind, from grapes grown on certified organic vineyards. Their bottles are all low in sugar too, and they ship to 27 states. Snag 20% off your order with code SKIMM20 (and get free shipping on orders of six bottles or more). Cheers.

Promo code: SKIMM20

Shop NowExpires Dec 31, 2023