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11 Perfect Wine Glasses for Every Occasion and Budget

11 wine glasses for every budget
Design: theSkimm | Image:, Anthropologie, Amazon
October 31, 2023

This post was originally published in August 2022 and has been updated.

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Whether you're hosting a low-key girls' night in or a dinner party with the parents, having the appropriate drinking vessel on hand does a lot to set the right tone. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite wine glasses for every occasion, from unbreakable wine glasses for casual nights in to handblown colored options that’ll add a special touch to a holiday table. So going from boxed wine Wednesday on your couch to event-hosting pro will be pinot easy-o.

Wine glasses

Basic stemless wine glasses for everyday sipping…

Perfect for an after-work drink at home or casual group settings. They hold 15 ounces and have a classic curved shape — great for housing cocktails as well. They’re made from lead-free soda ash, plus they’re dishwasher-safe for an easy cleanup. with all glassware, avoid subjecting to fast temperature changes since the glass could crack or shatter. ($18.99/set of 4, Amazon)

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Wine glasses

A glass set that’ll stun on display…

We know these are made for drinking, but they’re so pretty we’d leave them out as decorations too. With pink and red accents and a sleek top, these will be perfect for your morning mimosa or New Year’s Eve countdown. ($32.95/set of 2,

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Wine Glasses
Ashley Stark Home

Ombré stemware perfect for entertaining…

These come in a set of six, so you can cheers with your friends and family in style. You’ll get two blue, two taupe, and two gray glasses, all handmade in Poland. Snag them in the stemless style or up the ante with a round of martinis. The bar cart is officially open. ($185/set of 6, Ashley Stark Home)

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White wine glasses

Ergonomic wine glasses for reds and whites alike…

These have a modern stout bulb shape and a wide rim that lets the wine breathe properly. They’re made from premium crystal, and the ones designed for white wine can hold up to 13.5 fluid ounces, while the ones for red can hold 17 ounces. Although these are dishwasher-safe, customers note the glasses are pretty delicate, so be sure to take care when loading and unloading. Cheers. ($29.95+/set of 4, Amazon)

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Flat bottomed wine glass

Flat-bottomed red wine glasses with a modern, sharp look…

The crystal glasses have a pulled stem, which allows for more durability, and can hold up to 18 ounces. The set of four is an easy way to instantly upgrade your tablescape (or just your wine-down Wednesday). They’re also a great choice for professional use since they’re compatible with commercial dishwashers as well as regular dishwashers — so if you’re looking for wine glasses for a formal event, these may be your go-to. Snag the matching champagne and white wine glass set to complete your collection. ($42.99/set of 4, Wayfair)

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Shatterproof glasses with a built-in hosting hack…

This stemless drinkware is helpful in more ways than one. They’re made of recycled plastic that won’t shatter, and they have a “pop and lock” design that stacks securely on top of each other — so you won’t have to balance your guests’ drinks in your hands when you’re transporting from kitchen to dining table. Snag them in crystal clear or pastel. ($12.99/set of 12, Amazon)

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Compostable wine glasses

A 50-pack of compostable wine glasses…

These lightweight but durable wine glasses are made from corn and other plant-based materials. Each pack comes with 50 12-ounce cups — and if you’re planning a party, try these compostable utensils, plates, and paper towels too. Pro tip: Subscribe to get recurring shipments every one, three, or six months and receive 10% off your order. Happy sipping. ($14.44+/50-pack, Repurpose

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Coupe wine glasses

Coupe glasses that’ll provide a little throwback to the 1920s…

Swap out your traditional champagne flute for these retro coupe glasses in three different colorways. They can hold 5 ounces, so they’re perfect for bubbly, martinis or digestifs. Since these are handblown, there may be slight variations in each glass. Party time just got a little more colorful. ($56/set of 4, Anthropologie

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Amazon wine glasses

Wine glasses that keep drinks ice-cold…

This pair of shatterproof, copper-coated stemmed wine glasses are the full package. They’re made of stainless steel, so they’re durable and shouldn’t break. Plus, they keep drinks nice and cool, so they’re ideal for white wine, bubbly, and icy cocktails. Get ready to cheers. ($25.99/2-pack, Amazon)

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Food52 colored wine glasses

Colored wine glasses inspired by antique shop finds…

These are available in a range of sunset-hued tones like rose, smoke, blush, or a mix of all three. We also love the clean shape and wide mouths. BTW, this set of six has been handblown by artisans in Poland. If you love them, check out the matching cake stand and martini glasses to complete the collection. Party on. ($205/set of 6, Food52)  

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Ssense black wine glasses

A stunning pair of mouth-blown glasses that’ll make for the perfect celebratory gift…

They’re made from borosilicate glass — the same glass used in Pyrex bakeware — which is significantly more sturdy and less prone to temperature shock than most other common glass. These have a gorgeous square-shaped bowl paired with a thicker stem that isn’t typical for wine glasses. Psst…there’s also a stemless pair with the same elegant design. ($220/set of 2, Ssense

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