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14 New Dinner Recipes To Try

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January 5, 2022

Get out of your comfort zone and into the kitchen. We rounded up 14 recipes to help you try something new this year. Because new activities stimulate the brain, and a stimulated brain leads to a smarter, happier life. Knives, sharpened. 

For the chef who’d rather order takeout…

  • One pot tomato basil pasta: Two words: one pot. This easy, tasty dish will transport you right to Italy in under 30 minutes. 

  • Ramen with a twist: Your late night dorm room staple got a major glow-up. This take on ramen (yes, the instant kind) includes bean sprouts and bamboo shoots (trust). Miso hungry.  

  • Honey balsamic chicken: A little sweet, a little salty, and a whole lot of easy flavor. This skillet chicken will make your stomach happy before you can chicken out. 

  • Sheet pan sausage and veggies: Sheet pan recipes are one of our favorite ways to pack a meal on a single surface. This one has a whole rainbow’s worth of colorful veggies and hearty sausage for wintry nights. 

For the chef who’s a bit more Easy Bake oven than soufflé…

  • Shrimp & snow pea stir fry: Five ingredients, one skillet, no problem. Stir frys are another great way to look like a top chef when you only feel confident making scrambled eggs. 

  • Creamy avocado pesto pasta: Vegetarian tastiness that will satisfy the meat lovers, too. The avocado’s creaminess will have everyone saying presto pesto.  

  • Coconut curry salmon: The spicy sauce is tempered by smooth coconut milk, making this perfect for date night. No date required. 

For the chef with some tricks up their sleeve…

  • Squash au vin: Coq au vin, but make it veggie. This instant classic turns the traditional chicken version on its head and squashes the bird. Had to. 

  • Tandoori chicken: Move over, Indian takeout. This chicken dish will take more time than ordering from your local spot, but it will be time well spent. 

  • Beef bourguignon: All hail Queen Ina. Her beef bourguignon includes an entire bottle of red wine. Can’t say pinot to that. 

  • Chicken and dumplings: From the maker of #thestew and #thecookies, Alison Roman’s chicken and dumplings are heartier than chicken noodle soup with the same nourishing goodness. #thechickenanddumplings is a bit clunky, but deserved. 

For the chef who’s ready for Padma…

  • Pork wontons with sesame sauce: Make-your-own-wontons isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s actually easier than it sounds. This is a great way to impress dinner party guests (like your in-laws) or have a DIY party and make it live. 

  • Braised pork belly adobo: Get. In. My. Belly. This pork belly takes some TLC but you’ll be drooling once it’s done. 

  • Cheese soufflé: Souffle is like the Regina George of cooking: kind of a b*tch. But this one is called “best-ever cheese soufflé,” so we’re gonna go ahead and say it's worth it. 


Trying new recipes stimulates your brain and it also fills your plate. Win, win (...and winner, winner, chicken dinner). 

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