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8 Alarm Clocks for Every Kind of Morning Routine

8 Alarm Clocks for Every Kind of Morning Routine
Design: theSkimm | Image: Amazon, Amazon
August 15, 2022

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Maybe you’re looking to keep your phone out of arm’s reach at nighttime, or maybe your smartphone’s alarm just isn’t cutting it in the “waking up on time” department. If you tend to hit the snooze button more times than you can count, we’ve rounded up some recs no matter what kind of riser you are. Like a vibrating alarm clock especially helpful for those who are hard of hearing, a radio alarm clock, an option for heavy sleepers, and more. Here’s to easier mornings that are a little more bright-eyed.Oh, and if you’re looking for recs for more bedroom upgrades, we’ve rounded up cooling comforters and problem-solving products for your bedroom.

Clocky alarm clock

An alarm clock for heavy sleepers that runs away until you catch it… 

Yup, that’s right. Developed by an MIT alum, this robot-shaped alarm has been designed to wake up serious snoozers. As soon as it goes off, it takes off on its wheels, blasting music and rocking back and forth. It can jump off nightstands up to 3 feet high and will let you hit snooze only once. Plus, it’ll hide, shake, and change directions so you’ll need to chase it around. It comes in seven fun colors and can also be purchased in two-pack — a great gift for any other deep sleeper you may know. ($36.99, Amazon)

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Radio alarm clock

A radio alarm clock perfect for you and your partner…

Because it’s got a dual alarm setting with two presets that’ll ring at different times and three different sounds to wake you up — your fave radio station, birds chirping, or a standard beeping sound. If you’re a light sleeper, you’ll love the progressive alarm volume that won’t startle you awake. It’s also got a customizable night light with seven different color options and a dimmer that’ll give you just the right amount of brightness. BTW, snag some AAA batteries to engage the battery backup so your time and alarm settings will remain accurate even after a power outage. ($26.99, Amazon)

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Kids alarm clock

A kids alarm clock that’ll teach them better sleeping habits…

Like when they should head to bed and when they should wake up. Set the moon icon from 5 to 10 p.m. to let your kids know when it’s time to wind down, and set the sun icon to show them when it’s time to get up and out of bed. This way, even if they wake up at the break of dawn, they’ll know that they should hold off on rolling out of bed so you can (hopefully) get some more sleep. Oh, and if your little one has a hard time falling asleep, choose from 28 of the clock’s soothing sounds to lull them to slumber — like falling rain, a babbling brook, bird songs, and more. Nighty-night, little ones. ($39.99, Amazon)

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Smart alarm clock

A smart alarm clock that does a lot more than just wake you up… 

This one integrates with all your smart devices, aka your phone, laptop, or any other Google-enabled device. And it basically does it all — like playing music, searching the web, managing your daily schedule, and even controlling your smart home. You can set the vibrant 4-inch touch screen to display your fave family photos, the weather forecast, or a funky clock design. Pro tip for heavy sleepers: Connect your smart alarm clock to your bedroom sound system for a wake-up call you won’t be able to ignore. ($55+, Walmart)

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Loud alarm clock

A vibrating alarm clock great for those hard of hearing… 

And it can be fully customized to wake you up every day, one time only, or just on weekdays or weekends. It’s got a large 7-inch display with a full-range dimmer, and a bed shaker with three intensity settings — it can either be left on your nightstand to create a loud buzzing noise or placed under your mattress to vibrate your body. Plus the device is designed with a long cord to stash under your pillow or between your mattress frame. It also has three volume settings, with the loudest reaching about 90 decibels (kinda like having factory machinery operating 5 feet away from you). REM sleep’s got nothing on this thing. ($27.99, Amazon)

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alarm clock app

An HQ’r fave alarm clock app that won’t take snooze for an answer… 

Available for Android and iPhone in both free and premium subscriptions (either $7.49 per month or $59.99 per year). This alarm clock is no joke — in order to turn this one off, you’ll have to embark on special morning missions to wake up your mind and body — like taking a photo of yourself in the bathroom, scanning a barcode in the kitchen, solving simple math problems, or even playing a quick memory game. It’s also got a wake-up check feature, backup sound setting, and vibration alarm to make sure you won’t crawl back under the covers. And when it’s time to head to bed, browse through the app’s hundreds of sleep sounds, from music to meditation to white noise. Better sleeper, meet better riser. (Free+,

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sunrise alarm clock

An alarm clock that’ll wake you up with a sunrise effect… 

This one gradually increases through 1 million light stages as the sun rises to mimic as close to a real sunrise as possible — unlike other sunrise clocks that simply jump through preset stages of light. Use it as a reading light before bed, or tap the midnight light to see in the dark. Choose from five natural sounds to greet the day with, or set it to your fave morning FM radio station for an energetic wake-up call. ($79.95, Amazon)  

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smart alarm clock

A smart alarm clock with a two-phase alarm… 

So you won't dread waking up in the morning. The first alarm gently stirs you, while the second is designed to get you out of bed. It’s also got a Bluetooth speaker and night-light, and has nature soundscapes to help lull you to sleep. What can’t this thing do? Check out our full review of the Loftie Alarm Clock here where we dive into the deets. Psst…for 15% off your purchase, use the code SKIMMLABORDAY at checkout. ($149, Loftie

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