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17 Baby Shower Gifts Under $50 That New Moms Will Appreciate

baby shower gifts under 50 dollars
Design: theSkimm | Photo: MiliMili, Pipette, Little Sleepies
June 9, 2022

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When a loved one’s new bundle of joy is about to enter the world, you just can’t help but be excited. The parents-to-be are prepping for the journey (read: highs and lows) together, and now it’s your duty to help ’em by stocking their nursery with the best items possible. 

In order to arrive at the baby shower with a gift the ’rents will actually appreciate and find useful, we rounded up lots of options — all under $50. We’ve got the most adorable clothes, teethers, and even a few things for superhero mom too.

teething ring

A teething ring made from durable silicone…

Their little one will never wanna put this down. They’ll constantly tug at the silky-soft bamboo jersey material, and thanks to the bright colors and patterns, it’ll be easy to spot it in a bag. If they’ve got another teething toy they love, your friend can easily remove the ring and swap in a pacifier. ($20, MiliMili)

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baby swaddle
Hill House

A thin, breathable swaddle from Hill House…

We love a versatile gift option. It can be used as a breastfeeding cover, blanket, or cover for a stroller. When they want, they’ll be able to wrap their precious bundle in this organic cotton swaddle. The cozy pressure mimics the feeling of the womb and can help calm anxious moments. ($30, Hill House)

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wearable sleep sack

A wearable sleep sack that’s sensitive on baby skin…

The custom two-directional plastic zipper opens from the bottom and the top, so getting their baby into this number will be a cinch. If they’ve got a midnight diaper change on the schedule, they won’t need to fully undress their baby. The jersey fabric is incredibly soft and lightweight, so it can be worn year-round. ($48, MiliMili)

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seahorse baby onesie jumper
Hanna Andersson

An adorable seahorse zippered sleeper…

The print alone speaks for itself. But the combo of organic cotton and the protective cover on the metal zipper will be gentle on their baby. Just think about all the photos you’ll receive once they unwrap it. ($24+, Hanna Andersson)

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animal print baby footprint portrait
Uncommon Good

A footprint kit so they can create a sentimental keepsake…

Choose from a bunny, duck, penguin, or bear design. They’ll get the baby-safe ink pad and instructions on how to properly make the portrait. The second it’s dry, we guarantee that it’ll be hung in the nursery. It’s just too cute not to be displayed. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

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baby socks with grips
Hanna Andersson

Socks that’ll actually stay on their baby’s feet…

Beloved by customers, these socks are a practical gift that’ll keep on giving. They wash and wear incredibly well, with rubber dots on the sole, a soft terry inside, and a knit outside. As their baby moves and grooves, these socks will become vital to protect their lil’ toes. Plus tiny socks are really underratedly cute. ($9.80+/2 pack, Hanna Andersson)

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national parks baby books
Uncommon Goods

A set of books all about the great outdoors…

Help them introduce their little one to animals, plants, and all Mother Nature has to offer. The books focus on 16 national parks, including the Great Smoky Mountains, Big Bend, and Glacier Bay. The illustrations are bright and cheerful, with lots of eye-catching shapes that’ll make story time all the more fun. You never know — they may be a future park ranger in the making. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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baby duck beanie
Hanna Andersson

A duck top-knot beanie that is *weeps* too cute to be true…

Surround their baby’s head in uber-soft organic cotton knit with this tiny beanie. It’s the accessory you never knew they needed. It’ll keep ’em warm on colder nights and also just be the finishing touch to an outfit. Trust us — their mama will thank you. ($4.99+, Hanna Andersson)

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fox shaped wood and silicone teether

A personalized fox teether for nibbling babies…

Because better this ring than their parents’ fingers. You’ll be able to add their name and choose the desired color (four available). It’ll knock their fox off. ($10.50+, ToughTurtle via Etsy)

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baby bottle package

A bottle box so their baby can find the perfect fit…

Because sometimes it takes some trial and error to find one they like. Now their baby will be able to try out different brands and bottle shapes to see what works before they commit to buying a full set. The box includes five brands: Nanobébé, Comotomo, NUK, Dr. Brown’s, and Olababy. They’re BPA-free and can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher. ($32.99, Babylist)

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hooded baby bath towel

A hooded towel to make bath time a breeze…

It’s plush, absorbent, and can be personalized with a monogram. It’s also produced without any harmful chemicals so you can rest easy knowing their baby’s skin is protected. Customers love it, saying it makes a beautiful gift, especially since it’s so soft. ($15+, Weezie)

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baby blanket

A buttery-soft baby blanket for morning, afternoon, and night cuddles…

This bamboo rayon blanket is available in a handful of colors, from deep pink to bright yellow. It’s the staple every new mama needs. ($45, Kyte)

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baby snot sucker

A nasal aspirator that’ll come in handy more often than they think…

It’s not a pretty job, but it’s gotta get done. This way mom or dad can safely remove snot from baby’s nose for better breathing. The kit comes with all-natural saline spray that’ll loosen up mucus, which can be followed up by the gentle sucker that’ll clear their nasal passageways. They’ll also receive filters in the package so no snot gets into their mouths. Phew. ($17.99, Amazon)

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mom breast self-care kit nursing

A breast self-care kit that all moms will greatly appreciate…

Inside is a lactation massager, breast warmers, and masks for lactation and hydration. If she has clogged ducts, sore breasts, or really any other breast pain, she’ll be able to get relief. New moms don’t have a ton of time for self-care, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it. ($39.99, Amazon)

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baby shower bundle with calming balm

A trio of products that are baby basics…

Enter: gentle daily shampoo and wash, everyday lotion, and super-soothing multiuse balm. The shampoo and wash is tear-free, the lotion is made from renewable squalane, and the balm is packed with plant-derived jojoba esters. If you’re worried about ingredients, don’t be. The products have been tested by dermatologists, approved by pediatricians, and loved by parents. ($20, Pipette)

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two-piece crossover baby outfit with suns
Little Sleepies

A two-piece bamboo viscose set that’s bright and cheery…

And made from fabric that’s incredibly gentle on sensitive or eczema-prone skin. The top wraps for a snug but comfortable fit and doesn’t have tags, to ensure there’s no irritation. The pants have fold-over cuffs so mom can cover their little toes when desired. ($34, Little Sleepies)

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baby sensory toy ring

A sensory ring handmade from silicone and wood…

Their babies will be grabbing, teething, and ‘oohing’ and ‘awwing’ over these toys. The silicone is scent- and taste-free, FDA-approved, and 100% nontoxic. It’ll be the one item their little one will reach for over and over again once they’re more mobile. ($28, EvAndPotique via Etsy)

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