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Decor and Accessories to Refresh Your Bathroom at Every Budget

9 Must-Have Products for a Bathroom Refresh at Any Budget
Design: theSkimm | Image: Brooklinen, Brooklinen
August 19, 2022

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Maybe your bathroom could use a little TLC...but maybe you don’t have the budget for a total remodel. We feel ya. But you can still breathe some new life into the smallest room in your home with some decor and functional accessories that won’t break the bank. (And if you’re in need of some bathroom organization recs or affordable decor for the rest of your home, we’ve got those too.)

Bathroom wallpaper

DIY bathroom wallpaper to brighten things up…  

This one comes in four size options — whether you’re looking to redo the entire bathroom, cover up a particularly unsightly wall, or just add some accents. Choose between four different adhesive options — the peel-and-stick one is ideal for quick DIY projects while the non-pasted traditional pebble is paste-activated and water, mold, and mildew resistant. Love the pattern? Add this matching towel to your cart too. ($16.10+, Spoonflower)

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bathtub pillow

A bathtub pillow that’ll bring all the spa vibes to your tub…  

It’s got 2 inches of ultra-thick padding for your head and neck and it can fit almost any tub — standard, claw, or Jacuzzi. Seven suction cups keep it in place and also make it easy to move and reposition. Plus, its waterproof material makes it fast-drying and simple to clean. Snag it in any of the six colors and check out the larger version that comes with a back panel as well. Want to up the ante? Grab this bamboo bath tray while you’re at it and light a candle. Ultimate relaxation: unlocked. ($16.99+, Amazon)

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Ceramic toothbrush holder
Urban Outfitters

A ceramic holder for your bathroom essentials…

Like cotton swabs, toothbrushes, or makeup brushes. This one comes in two glazed colors — white and forest green — and has a bisected interior so you can store your toothbrushes and other essentials without any water damage. Grab the matching soap dish for a cohesive counter look. ($20, Urban Outfitters)

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Wall organizer

Decorative organizers that won’t take up any extra counter space… 

Since they can stick anywhere on your wall — which means you won’t need to patch up any holes the next time you redecorate. You’ll get two storage compartments in white, green or pink, all perfect for holding tampons, cotton swabs, and more, minus the setup time. Sounds like a win-win. ($14.99, Amazon)

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Bath mats
Urban Outfitters

Bath mats that’ll add character to your space… 

And make drying off just a lil’ more fun — with a cute saying (available in two colors and measuring 20 x 30 inches) or adorable design (20 x 40 inches). These bath mats are made from 100% cotton, machine washable, and sure to put a smile on any guest’s face. ($39+, Urban Outfitters)

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Bath mat

And an options that’ll give more narrow bathroom floors some coverage… 

We love Brooklinen’s quality bedding, towels, and robes — and their bath mats don’t disappoint either. Grab this checkered bath runner with tufted squares (measuring 20 x 56 inches), or its smaller twin (20 x 34 inches) — both made from 100% cotton. ($59, Brooklinen)

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Public goods hand soap
Public Goods

A gentle hand soap that’s just as good as the boutique brands’… 

But will be easier on your wallet, thanks to Public Goods’ sustainable membership model that gives you access to hundreds of products at wholesale prices for $79 per year. When you snag this non-irritating hand soap made with essential oils you’ll also get a free two-week trial membership, so you can stock up on more household essentials — like this hand cream and soap refill. ($6.95, Public Goods)

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Tushy tissue stand

A chic tissue stand that’ll help you create less waste…  

Thanks to its one-tissue-at-a-time design. We’ve long been fans of the Tushy bidet, and the brand also carries some accessories we love. This sleek stand will fit in any bathroom and can provide a bit of shelf space as well. It also comes with eight tissue boxes filled with 64 four-ply, flushable bamboo sheets in each. Here’s to saving money and the planet, one wipe at a time. ($59, Tushy)

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Linen ladder

A leaning hanger ladder for your towels, laundry, and more… 

Tossing your PJs on top of the toilet or hanging your towel over your shower rod? Kiss those days goodbye and say ‘hi’ to more vertical space in your bathroom with this handy piece. The leaning ladder has six rungs for hanging your linens, clothes, or anything else. It can be moved easily thanks to its silicone padded ends, comes in two neutral colors, and is made of steel and wood. Getting hung out to dry has never looked better. ($66, Brooklinen)

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