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The Best Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

Design: the Skimm | Photos: Amazon, Etsy, MiliMili
April 20, 2023

This post was originally published in April 2022 and has been updated.

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Showing the person who taught you everything that you appreciate her endlessly? It’s a pretty tall order. To prevent you from spending hours scouring the web and getting a bit overwhelmed, we did the hard work and rounded up items that’ll make her “ooh” and “aww.” Because gift giving on Mother’s Day can be stressful when you’ve got so much to say thank you for.  

PS: If you’re working within a budget, there are still plenty of options available to you. That’s why you have us. From self-care items to help her pamper herself to more practical things she’ll use every day, these gifts will always make her think of you.

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A sweatshirt cause she’s not a regular mom…

She’s a cool mom. Sorry, we had to. This cozy sweatshirt says it all and comes in a range of sizes up to 2XL. You can also get it in a short-sleeve or long-sleeve T-shirt if you prefer, with more than ten colors to choose from. Go ahead and customize it; she’s worth it. ($9.36+, DesignsByArtworks via Etsy)

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Here For the Burn

And a candle that’s very much on theme for all the “Mean Girls” fans out there…

For all the moms who know the significance of October 3rd. Yes, they’re cool moms, and they deserve a high-quality candle in one of five scents. From bergamot to musky amber, there’s sure to be a scent that suits her. It comes in a keepsake box, and when she burns all the wax down, she can keep the black glass vessel to store her pens or makeup brushes in. Win-win. ($36, Here For the Burn

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Mothers day gifts

A bouquet that’ll never wilt…

Sure, flowers are nice and all, but this vibrant butterfly bouquet will serve as her centerpiece for much longer. It stands a little over 10 inches tall, and customers note that it comes carefully packaged. Add on a customized message, photo, or gift card at checkout. Psst…we’re also fans of this beautiful faux orchid bouquet. ($24, Lovepop

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Mothers day gifts
OhHelloCreativeAndCo via Etsy

A personalized frame with all her favorite people…

Get ready for this one to be hung over the fireplace. The custom frame can include up to 18 people or pets (and their names), and is sent as a digital file that you can print at home. Grab a pack of frames and gift one to everyone in the family while you’re at it. ($24.97+, OhHelloCreativeAndCo via Etsy)

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A page-a-day journal to help her record the joys of motherhood…

If she loves to write things down, this gorg journal will give her prompts every day for five years. Aka she’ll be able to remember every precious moment of being your mom. She can record random thoughts, milestones, or special memories you share. It’s perfect for moms at all stages (though it does make a great baby shower gift), and will be the gift that keeps on giving when she looks back later. ($15.69, Amazon

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A set of beauty tools for when she wakes up not feeling her best…

A jade roller and gua sha combo is the perfect starter pack if she’s just getting into practicing lymphatic drainage or wants to upgrade her skincare routine. The pressure and movement of the tools can relieve puffiness while improving blood circulation. Who doesn’t want that? These are made with 100% genuine jade so no added toxins. Just be sure she knows to apply a serum or oil first before she goes to town. It’ll help the tools glide over her skin. ($7.64+, Amazon

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A skin-brightening serum that’ll keep her glowing…

This vitamin C and E brilliance serum helps protect and illuminate skin. It’s made with alpine rose stem cells to naturally reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation while firming and hydrating. Oh, and did we mention it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and EWG-verified to be free of concerning chemicals? Because it is. Plus, Skimm’rs get free shipping and a free sustainable home starter set with their first purchase. ($39.99, Grove)*

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A sleek cutting board made from sustainable materials…

We love an eco-conscious mom. This BPA-free cutting board is made of recycled plastic and sugarcane, but will absolutely hold up against the sharpest of knives. It’s dishwasher-safe and comes in five gorgeous colors. Customers say it’s insanely durable and found no knife marks even after many uses. ($35, Material

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Uncommon Goods

A candle she’ll wanna burn for hours…

Choose the cactus terrarium for a pine and vanilla scent, or go for poppy, which is made from jasmine and white tea. Both are hand-poured in Vancouver, so you’re also supporting a local artist when buying. If she’s uber candle-obsessed, you can get a larger size with more cacti for a longer burn time. ($27+, Uncommon Goods

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An eye mask for long, interrupted sleep…

Made from hypoallergenic and antimicrobial bamboo rayon, this eye mask is a luxurious way to ensure she’ll get a good night’s rest. She can throw it in the wash when it needs a deep clean and just hang it up to dry before her next use. You can choose from six patterns, one with the most adorable bananas on it. Sweet dreams. ($20, MiliMili

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And a silk pillowcase she’ll look forward to resting her head on…

Gift her shiny hair and flawless skin with this 100% silk pillowcase. The soft fabric has antimicrobial properties to minimize acne and breakouts. Plus it can help her skin better retain moisture (goodbye, morning dry patches.) If she’s tossing and turning (we’ve all been there), the smooth surface will prevent hair tangles and added frizz. It comes in a wide range of colors and pillow sizes. PS: Some customers even say it helps them stay cool throughout the night. ($20.39+, Amazon

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A houseplant that’s incredibly low-maintenance…

This fiddle leaf fig tree is a foot tall and perfect for any sunny corner of her home. If she doesn’t have a green thumb, that’s okay — all she needs to do is water it once a week when the soil feels dry to the touch. Plus, it comes pre-planted in a white pot, so no need for potting tools either. Customers say the plants they received were all healthy and happy. Grow, baby, grow. ($26.50, Amazon

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An at-home foot mask to get her ready for sandal season…

This foot peel includes a trio of chemical exfoliants: salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acid. Each works to slough away layers of dead skin to reveal baby-soft feet. She just has to pour the activating essence into the booties, strap them on, and put her feet up for an hour of streaming. While she won’t notice results the second she takes the booties off, within just a few days her skin will begin to peel. We can vouch for this one; our feet have never felt so smooth up to a week after. Psst...use code SKIMMFS for free shipping on your order of $25. ($20, Patchology)

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A pack of silk scrunchies that won’t pull or break hair…

What’s more luxurious than doing her nightly skincare routine while her hair is pulled back in a silk scrunchie? We say hardly anything. It comes in three chic colors that won’t cause hair breakage, even if she wants to sleep in them. We’ve tried them and guarantee she’ll wake up with barely a strand out of place. ($39, Amazon

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A pair of blue-light glasses to protect her eyes…

Moms have high screen times too. Help her reduce eye strain and future headaches with these stylish frames you can add magnification to (if need be). They come in four tortoise variations, so you’re sure to find one that’ll suit her complexion. They’re also scratch-resistant for all the moms out there who accidentally misplaced theirs only to find them at the bottom of a purse. ($29, Amazon

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A truffle oil that makes every dish taste fancy…

This blend of olive oil and black truffle is something she can add to literally anything and everything. She can drizzle it on pizza, pasta, salads, grilled chicken, or popcorn for a delectable snack. It’s made without added sugars and is gluten-free. Psst…customers love other products from this brand too like their mayo and hot sauce. ($19.99, Amazon)

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A cold-brew maker for the coffee-loving mom…

This maker can brew hot or cold coffee, and takes up barely any of her in-demand counter space or refrigerator room. It’s simple to use and can produce a very concentrated cup if she’s into a strong flavor. Customers love that it really filters the acid out of the beans, thanks in large part to the evenly distributed water. ($27.49, Amazon

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Fly By Jing

A trio of sauces to add heat to her favorite meals…

These Sichuan sauces are all-natural and made with different Sichuan peppers, each with a different flavor profile (from spicy and numbing to crispy and savory). They all have a unique heat, so whether she’s a spicy-food junkie or a mouth-burning novice, these are a great way to add a punch to her go-to recipes. Customers rave that these spices can transform a typically bland meal into something much more exciting. ($37+, Fly By Jing

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