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The Best Pet Gifts for Anyone With a Cat or Dog

the best holiday gifts for anyone with a cat or dog
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November 10, 2022

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This post was originally published in December 2021 and has been updated.

While we admit we love shopping for friends and family — who doesn’t enjoy gifting a partner or a parent something they’ll really love? — we can’t help but find extra joy in buying something oh-so perfect for the squishable furball we always look forward to petting.

Whether you’re browsing for your own cat or dog or someone else’s, we rounded up the best gifts any pet owner will appreciate. From supplements to a GPS tracker to the most adorable sweater, these presents are nothing to bark at. 

minimal and modern pet portrait

A modern pet portrait that’s almost too chic to believe…

Just select their dog’s or cat’s breed, choose the design, color, and size, and then add a name. The print will be created in three to five business days. Picture a minimal-style portrait — so something that is a bit more subtle for their home. (Prices vary, Animalist)

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custom royal pet portrait

Or a custom portrait that’ll turn their pet into the royalty they unquestionably are…

All you have to do is send in a picture of their dog or cat and pick an outfit. There are 20 options, including a Renaissance royal, Sherlock Holmes, and a Star Wars Jedi. Choose from digital, canvas, or poster options. Totally pawesome. ($30.45+, VanWoof via Etsy)

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organic candle that's safe for pets
Companion Candles

An organic candle for their tablescape that’s safe for pets…

It’ll burn for up to 40 hours and is free from pesticides, paraffins, preservatives, and petroleum. What we really love about these small-batch candles? They are made by a woman-founded business that uses a coconut-soy wax blend. Aka the candles are pet-friendly. Goodbye, ruff life. ($25, Companion Candles)

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slow-feeder dog bowl

A slow-feeder dog bowl in the shape of their pet's name...

Slower eating = better digestion and less bloating. If their pet tends to gobble down kibble in a matter of seconds, this bowl will essentially force them to take their time. The grooves of each letter makes food harder to reach, so meal time ends up being like a mini game. All you've gotta do is select the number of letters needed and what size you want. ($13.50+, MinkandMaple on Etsy)

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Dental treat sticks made from upcycled blueberries
Shameless Pets

Dental treat sticks so their pup always has fresh breath…

No stinky mouths here. These berry treats are blueberry- and mint-flavored, and use upcycled ingredients (aka blueberries that would otherwise go to waste). They’re also free from grain, corn, and soy, and contain no artificial flavors. Other ingredients include chia and flax seeds, which are good for keeping their skin and coat healthy. It’s sustainable shopping done the right way. ($8.99, Shameless Pets)

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GPS collar locator for pets

A GPS locator for pets so you can keep ’em safe…

This real-time GPS tracker means they’ll always know where their furry friend is — whether they actually go missing or are just roaming around the backyard. Your friend will be able to mark “safe zones,” so if their dog or cat goes a bit too far, they’ll be notified. The tracker syncs with a phone app, so they’ll be able to see everything via their smartphone. The tracker collar is also waterproof, so no matter where their pet goes, they’ll be following. (Prices vary, Tractive)

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liquid multivitamin to put into a pet's food

A liquid multivitamin that’s formulated by vets and backed by science…

Drizzle this steak- and salmon-flavored vitamin over your pet’s food. It’s packed with healthy ingredients, like vitamin C, mojave yucca (reduces joint inflammation), and glucosamine HCl (increases joint mobility). It can support hip and joint well-being, a silky and full coat, good heart health, thorough digestion, and improved immune function. Psst...we tried this formula and our dog ate it right up. ($39.26, Dogsnob)

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cat feeding bowl with a drip tray
Cat Person

A cat feeding bowl that won’t make them hunch over…

Since it’s elevated, their cat won’t have to eat at an awkward angle. If your friend has a kitten, the bowl can snap off and be placed directly on the plate. Big bonus: The bowl itself is shallow, so it won’t irritate whiskers. If it gets dirty, the drip tray and tip-resistant bowl can go directly in the dishwasher. Easy peasy. ($45, Cat Person)

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cat water fountain with a filter

A cat fountain that dispenses clean water…

The flower waterfall will keep their feline friend busy and hydrated. Plus the charcoal filter inside will keep everything sanitary, aka no sitting water that may get murky. The tank is pretty big, so your giftee won’t have to constantly keep an eye on their cat’s water bowl. ($23.99+, Amazon)

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pet grooming brush that also de-sheds

A brush that’ll work through tangled fur…

The bigger teeth work best on mats, while the finer ones are great for deshedding. The head of the brush is flexible, so they’ll be able to get into crevices around their pet’s legs. Once grooming time is over, they can run the brush under water to dispose of any fur. ($22.99, Amazon)

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holiday-themed goody box for pets

A holiday-themed goody box packed with treats and accessories…

There are multiple boxes to choose from (including ones for cats), but this one is meant for small-sized dogs. They’ll get a cozy blanket, a festive bandana, a full-size bag of treats, two cheerful toys, a pamphlet that includes a tasty seasonal recipe, and a “Happy Holidays” banner for Insta photo ops. The box is a one-time gift, so just select the one you want and it’ll ship directly to their door. ($27.99, Chewy)

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wall-mounted self-grooming brush for cats

A self-grooming brush that can be mounted to a wall…

Their feline friend will immediately want to rub up against it for a daily massage. Aka there will be fewer interruptions during WFH days. When the brush gets filled with hair, they can simply remove it from the bracket and wash with soap and water. ($5.50, Amazon)

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‘year of the dog mom’ baseball cap

A ‘dog mom’ hat for the proud mama in your life…

She loves her fur baby more than anything else. Now when she takes ’em for a walk, she’ll get to display her title. If another dog tries to bark at her precious lil’ bebe — she’ll defend them like any protective mother would. ($25, Verishop)

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plaid name bandana for pets

A plaid bandana that can be embroidered with their pet’s name…

Animals deserve accessories too. You can choose from two sizes, five color combos, and eight fonts. You can also select thread color and what you want the bandana to say. The fabric is cotton, so if it gets dirty, it can go straight into the wash. ($11.99+, DogHug on Etsy)

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dog harness for walking
Wild One

A dog harness that’ll make walks much easier…

This cushioned and lightweight harness gives them more control. The neck and chest are adjustable, and a leash can be attached in three places. Instead of directing a pup from a neck collar (which can yank them), they’ll be able to control stops from the center of their dog’s back. Psst...get 20% off sitewide (excluding kits and sale items) with code SKIMMGIFT20. ($48, Wild One)

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personalized children’s book about pets
Uncommon Goods

A personalized children’s book all about their favorite pet...

Every pet owner wonders what their dog or cat would say if they could talk. This funny book tells kids what those barks and meows might mean. You can personalize it with their child’s and pet’s name — and the rest of the book writes itself. Trust us, they’ll ruff this. ($35, Uncommon Goods)

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festive holiday pet sweater with reindeer antlers

An adorable festive sweater for the holiday season…

The hood has antlers. We repeat: The hood has antlers. Whether for a cat or dog — no pet parent will be able to resist this cute number. ($13.99+, Chewy)

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A food storage bag they can travel with…

If they’re headed on a road trip with their four-legged best friend, an old grocery bag likely won’t cut it for bringing along their favorite food. This BPA-free zippable pouch is perfect for storing kibble, and can be easily cleaned and reused for the next trip. Plus, the top handle makes it easy to carry. Easy-peasy. ($16.99, Amazon)

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A custom sweater so they can wear their pet’s face on their body…

Just upload a photo of their pet (odds are you won’t have a problem getting them to share one), choose a color, and add the pet’s name. You’ll get a woven sweater with an image of their animal that will likely blow their mind. Dreams really do come true. ($128+, Knitwise)

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West & Willow

A custom phone case to honor their most beloved family member...

Our lives revolve around our pets and our phones. Why not combine the two? This lifelike portrait-style phone case — available for both iPhone and Samsung models — pays homage to their furry (or not-so-furry) friend, whether they own a dog, cat, horse, or reptile. So. Cute. ($50, West & Willow)

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Tasty treats with all-natural ingredients…

Show them you care about their dog’s well-being by gifting these wheat-free, limited-ingredient treats in flavors like ‘Bacon Nutty’ and ‘Sunday Roast.’ Sounds delicious to us. Plus, they’re soft enough for teething puppies or senior dogs with sensitive teeth. ($5.26+, Amazon)

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A personalized water bottle that makes hydrating cute…

We love this water bottle for its double-walled stainless steel body that keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours, and its matte coating that makes it slip-proof. Add the illustrated photo of our pet on the side, and we want to marry it. Your pet-owner friend will feel the same, we guarantee it. ($45+, July)

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A feathered knit jumper for their pup…

No, we’re not kidding. If their dog (or the owner) is a little bit extra, look no further than this knit sweater with feather detailing on the top. It’s probably the most stylish dog sweater we’ve ever seen. It comes in blue, mint, lavender, and hot pink, perfect for the pooch that’s into Barbiecore. Slay. ($95, Maxbone)

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