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The Best Subscription Boxes to Simplify Your Life

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February 25, 2022

ICYMI, helping you shop smarter so you can solve everyday probs with products is kind of our thing. And when those products can be scheduled to ship straight to your door — even better. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best subscription boxes for women.

Looking to build your skincare arsenal with some new high-quality beauty products? Ready to add a lil’ variety to your morning coffee routine? These boxes have got it all. Preparing for surprise goodies at your doorstep in 3, 2, 1...

Subscription Boxes: Pregnancy

Pregnancy subscription box Belly Box
Belly Box | Cratejoy

A bundle of must-have wellness products for moms-to-be…

Shopping for nursery decor is fun. Shopping for pregnancy relief products? Not so much. This pregnancy subscription from Aster’s Belly Box to the rescue. You can finally get all your essentials in one go: a product to treat stretch marks AND help you get a better night’s rest in one box? Yes, please. Bonus: All items are vegan, organic, and cruelty-free, and a portion of sales are donated to charities that support Middle Eastern moms. ($59+/month, Cratejoy)

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Baby box with prenatal's and multivitamins
Oh Baby Box | Cratejoy

Pregnancy products tailored to your due date… 

The Oh Baby Boxes subscription is unique in that as your pregnancy progresses, you’ll receive products suited for the stage you’re experiencing — including postpartum goodies too. Each box features six to eight full-sized products valued at over $100. From wellness items to skincare products to maternity clothing. Mothers know best, and since this box is curated by mothers, we have a feeling you won’t be disappointed. ($35.99+/month, Cratejoy)

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Subscription Boxes: Self-Care/Beauty

Self Care beauty box curated for black women
Black Girl Magic Box | Cratejoy

A Black-owned self-care box curated for and by Black women…

This Black Girl Magic box is packed with full-sized, premium products designed to provide a unique therapeutic experience. We’re talking wellness items, beauty products, accessories and more. Psst…every box is curated by holistic health and wellness coaches and supports minority businesses. Get ready to plan your next at-home spa day and let the goodness in. ($45.50+/box, Cratejoy)

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Allure Beauty Box Subscription
Allure Beauty Box

An easy way to test Allure’s best-rated beauty products…

If you trust that little “Best of Beauty” stamp from Allure, you’ll love this curated subscription box. Filled with a rotating cast of favorites, this makeup subscription box ranks high in the bang-for-your-buck department. Expect full-sized products, travel-sized testers, and skincare items too. Your face says ‘thanks.’ ($23/month, Allure Beauty Box)

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Subscription Boxes: For Kids

Black Girl MATHgic subscription box
Black Girl MATHgic | Cratejoy

A delivery to help your daughter build up her math confidence…

Math is tough. If a child in your life is at a third- through eighth-grade math level and having a hard time pulling through, the Black Girl MATHgic subscription will help boost her skills with lessons and activities. Plus it includes other goodies like a math affirmation, a profile of a woman mathematician, and more. One confident math genius, coming right up. ($39.95/month, Cratejoy)

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Little Passports Subscription Box
Little Passports | Cratejoy

A subscription that’ll let them explore the world from their living room…

Traveling the world with little ones isn’t an easy option for most people. Enter: the Little Passports box, which lets you and your kiddo explore new countries from the comfort of your couch. Each month, check out somewhere new and bond over hands-on activities, stories, and more. It’ll be the cheapest vacation you’ve ever taken — and maybe the most rewarding. ($23.95/month, Little Passports)

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Subscription Boxes: Games

Finders Seekers Subscription Box
Finders Seekers | Cratejoy

A subscription that’ll spice up game night for mystery lovers…

Ready to put your detective cap on? Finders Seekers plunges you right into the heart of a fictional crime you’ll be tasked with solving. Rifle through physical clues, decipher codes, and hunt down your killer. It’s the perfect Friday night in for anyone who loves true-crime podcasts or — just wants to level up their game nights. ($25+/box, Cratejoy)

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Escape Room Subscription Box
Escape Room | Cratejoy

A delivery that’ll turn your home into an escape room…

This bimonthly subscription box will have you feeling like a true escape artist. But only if you’re clever enough to solve the riddle. Each Escape the Crate box comes with all the visuals and props you need to bring the two- to three-hour game to life. Psst...each themed game can be played alone or in a group; it’s entirely up to you. ($26.50+/month, Cratejoy)

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Subscription Boxes: Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Bevs 

Wine Access Subscription Box
Wine Access

A Wine Access subscription that sends you vino from all over the world…

Can’t swing a wine-tasting trip to Italy right now? We gotchu. This subscription option lets you shop by variety, region, or collection for a vino that’s just right for you. And if you have no idea where to start, you can read recs from sommeliers and Michelin-star restaurants. Along with bottle descriptions, you’ll get info about serving temperature, aeration time, and food pairings. You’ll also be able to read the history behind a bottle. Time to wine down. (Prices vary, Wine Access)

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Zero-proof Cocktail Subscription Box
Raising The Bar | Cratejoy

A box for mocktail lovers that’s anything but boring…

Want to relax with a delicious drink after a long workday, minus the booze? Whether you don’t drink alcohol or just want to have inclusive drinks for your next get-together, this kit has your back (plus items that’ll build up your barware collection). Each month, you’ll be sent ​​everything you need to make at least four drink servings, including garnishes, barware, and a recipe card. So you can kick back with some of the best zero-proof cocktails you’ve ever had. Cheers to that. ($49+/ month, Cratejoy)

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Best Subscription Boxes: Home

Bloomsy Box flower subscription box
Bloomsy Box | Cratejoy

A subscription that’ll add a little color to your life…

We’re firm believers in the ‘bouquets just because’ lifestyle. So whether you’re treating yourself (we approve) or a loved one, BloomsyBox delivers a bouquet to the recipient’s doorstep weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Choose from small, medium, or large subscription options and get your florals just how you like them. Happiness in bloom. ($43.83+/month, Cratejoy)

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Decorated Subscription Box Home Decor

Seasonal home decor that’ll make it easy to upgrade your space all year…

You’ll get six to eight seasonally inspired full-sized items every three months with a subscription to Decorated. From scented candles to stylish storage options, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. And if four boxes aren’t enough? Add a couple on for the holidays. Next stop, best-decorated house on the block. ($75/year, Decorated)  

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Best Subscription Boxes: Tea and Coffee

Partners coffee subscription box
Partners Coffee

A coffee subscription so you never run out of that liquid gold again…

If you can’t live without your morning brew (same), you won’t have to worry about running low with this subscription from Partners Coffee. Subscribe to the iconic coffee brand’s monthly shipment of some of the best beans out there. You’ll be able to choose your grind and flavor for a top-notch brewing experience every time — whether you’re a Chemex, French press, or pour-over type. ($42/three months, Partners Coffee)

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Atlas Tea Club Subscription Box
Atlas Tea Club

A subscription for anyone who needs an excuse to have tea time all the time… 

Upgrade your (or their) stash with regular deliveries of tea from some of the best tea-growing regions in the world. Choose from caffeinated (green, black, or a variety) or herbal, and get two unique teas in each monthly shipment. You can pause any time, and there are also gift options available to treat the tea lover in your life.  Each delivery includes two bags of loose-leaf tea (enough for 30+ cups), tea filters, tasting notes and steeping tips, and info from the tea’s country of origin. Save $10 off your first order with code LOVETEA. Sip sip. ($14/monthly, Atlas Tea Club)

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Best Subscription Boxes: Snacks

Bokksu Japanese Subscription Box

A way to explore the best flavors Japan has to offer…

Snack lovers haven’t lived until they’ve gotten their hands on this subscription box from Bokksu. Open up your first box to an assortment of 22 sweet and savory Japanese treats and teas — from matcha chocolate stick cake to edamame senbei. Whether you’re a Japanophile or just want to mix up your snack sitch, we guarantee you’ll be hooked. ($39.95+/month, Bokksu

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Universal Yums Snack Subscription Box
Universal Yums

A subscription that’ll have you snacking your way across the globe...

With Universal Yums, each month you’ll visit a new country and explore the best snacks it has to offer. From unique chocolates from Poland to specially spiced chips from Scandinavia. Simply choose which country you want to visit, sit back, and snack on. ($15+ per box, Universal Yums

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Best Subscription Boxes: Hobbies

Vinyl Moon Subscription Box
Vinyl Moon | Cratejoy

A subscription that’ll take your vinyl collection up a notch or two...

The radio’s got nothing on vinyl records. Rock out to a vinyl mixtape featuring 10 new bands from around the world. Each one is artfully designed by a different graphic artist. You’ll also get a lyrics booklet with corresponding band info. So if you discover an artist you really like, you’ll be able to deep-dive into their discography later. Audiophiles, assemble. ($27+/month, Cratejoy)

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Arts and Crafts Adult Subscription Box
Adult Arts and Crafts | Cratejoy

A delivery for anyone who always looked forward to arts ‘n’ crafts day…

Learn a new skill every month, from wood burning to engraving. Each box comes with all the tools, materials, and instructions you’ll need for an inspiring crafternoon. Some finished products include cool wine carriers, coasters, and candles. Your at-home date nights and rainy days just got a lot more creative. ($31+/month, Cratejoy)  

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