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Subscription Gifts That Keep On Giving

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October 24, 2022

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Post-holiday time is always a bit of a comedown. The gifts are given, the drinks are drank. The lights come down and the new year comes abruptly hurling toward us. But there are ways to prolong the holiday spirit: giving a subscription gift. To help you find the best ones for whoever you’re shopping for, we’ve rounded up both classic and creative subscription ideas. Like candles, coffee, and cheese (our personal favorite). But there are also books, play kits and — wait for it — at-home escape rooms that’ll keep the festivities going for months to come.Want more holiday gifting ideas? Check out The Shoppes at Skimm Ave. for our recs for everyone on your list.

Brooklyn Candle Studio

A candle for every month and mood…

What’s more crowd-pleasing than a candle? Six months of candles. This subscription, available in prepaid options for either six or twelve months, comes with a monthly seasonal, 100% soy wax candle in unique scents like sweet fig, palo santo, and leather jacket. They’re vegan, made with essential oils and, according to reviews, smell “absolutely phenomenal.” ($25+/month, Brooklyn Candle Studio)

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Flavor-packed olive oil that looks as good as it tastes…

Consider this the most delicious, exclusive club they’ve ever been in. Brightland’s olive oil subscription includes a duo of its best-selling olive oils during the first month. After that, it can be customized to add other goodies like vinegar, honey, or its other oils. Subscribers also have access to special perks, gifts, and early access to product releases. Immediate kitchen (and life) upgrade. ($65/month, Brightland)

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A monthly BBQ feast, no smoker required...

They might be passionate about which state has the best BBQ. But there is no question that this subscription from Goldbelly will make any meat lover’s month. Your giftee will be treated to ribs, pulled pork, and more from famous restaurants around the country. Available as a three- or six- month option, it’ll provide enough for four people. Or one person. We’re not here to judge. Psst...for 15% off your first order, use code SKIMM15. ($99/month, Goldbelly)

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A book subscription that supports a woman-led business…

Just in time for the peak season of curling up on the couch with a good book. The Book Drop: Adult Readers subscription delivers a historical or literary fiction favorite straight from an independent bookstore each month. Subscribers get a surprise, on-theme read with each delivery (think beloved titles like "The Nightingale" and "Where the Crawdads Sing"). It’s a lit lover’s dream. Psst…use code SKIMM15 at checkout for 15% off sitewide. ($21.17+/month, Cratejoy)

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family and dog opening box of dog food
The Farmer's Dog

Food your dog will love even more than holiday leftovers…

Leave the coal-like kibble for those on the naughty list and gift your pup this fresh, human-grade dog food instead. It’s made with real meats and veggies. And delivered straight to your door (in pre-portioned packs). Plus, you can create a custom meal plan that works for your pup (and your schedule). Oh and Skimm’rs get 50% off their first box. (Prices vary, The Farmer’s Dog)*

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Atlas Coffee Club

A coffee subscription that comes with a side of culture…

They’ll be buzzing over this one. Atlas Coffee Club’s three-, six- or twelve-month subscriptions feature bags of freshly roasted, unique coffee from all over the world. Each delivery includes a special bag of coffee from locales like Peru, Indonesia, or Costa Rica, alongside a postcard from each origin country with information about its coffee history and brewing recommendations. Their mornings will be even better knowing they’re sipping on something they can’t find anywhere else. Psst…they’ve also got a version for tea lovers. Get your first bag free with code SKIMMCOFFEE. ($50/three months, Atlas Coffee Club)

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An escape room experience, right at home…

All the fun of an escape room, none of the actually having to leave the house to do it. This every-other-month subscription box comes with a range of challenging puzzles and mysteries, which each have a different theme. Jam packed with three hours of fun, it’s designed to allow you to work on it according to your own schedule. Plus, games can be played solo or as a group of up to six people, so it’s a gift the whole family can enjoy. Psst…use code SKIMM15 at checkout for 15% off sitewide. ($26.50+/box, Cratejoy)

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A self-care box that’s curated by actual therapists…

If they’ve taken care of everyone else this holiday season (and maybe all year), gift them a therapeutic box of goodies to help focus on themselves. TheraBox, which is curated by therapists, includes one therapeutic activity as well as seven full-size, relaxation-inducing gifts (think aromatherapy, organic bath products, skincare and more). We’re feeling more chill just thinking about it. Psst…use code SKIMM15 at checkout for 15% off sitewide. ($35/box, Cratejoy)

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A crate of crafts to bring out their inner artist…

Who says arts and crafts are just for kids? This crafting crate for adults includes all the tools, accessories, and instructions needed to make different, exciting projects each month. Think wood burning and candle making. Not only are they fun for one person, a couple, or a group, they are perfect for learning new skills and winding down after a long holiday season. Psst…use code SKIMM15 at checkout for 15% off sitewide. ($32+/box, Cratejoy)

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Fresh Vine Wine

A monthly visit to wine country, minus the flight…

They don’t need to fly to Napa to enjoy its most beloved export. This wine subscription service delivers the experience to their doorstep each month. FreshVine wines are low-calorie, low-sugar and gluten-free, and varietals include a chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, rosé and more. The first two bottles are offered at a discount, and additional bottles can be added for just $15. Cheers to that. ($29.90+/month, Fresh Vine Wine)

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A collection of face masks that address every skin concern…

Give the gift of great skin. Facetory’s highly rated, South Korea-formulated masks are great on their own, but even better in a monthly box. Each set includes seven expert-tested masks, which boast plenty of skin-improving properties, like firming, soothing and nourishing. Spa night, simplified. ($19.90+/month, Facetory)

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Stationery that will seriously upgrade their letter-writing game…

The written word is alive and well, thanks to this adorable stationery subscription. Each monthly delivery, which can be prepaid for up to one year, comes with an assortment of greeting cards, notepads, pins, pencils and more. Our personal faves include an “after coffee” checklist and a “Home Alone” themed greeting card. Psst…check out more of our recs for stationery lovers here, and for more great holiday gifts from Etsy, shop here. ($15.26+/month, yycjaybeedesign via Etsy)

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Murray's Cheese

Two words: Cheese. Subscription…

Cheesy holiday gifts: bad. Cheese holiday gifts: good. Murray’s Cheese of the Month club will send your dairy darling a rotation of three or four “approachable and iconic” cheeses for one month up to one year. Suitable for cheese experts and novices alike, this subscription is truly the triple creme of the crop. ($63+/month, Murray’s Cheese)

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A classic beauty box that features all their favorites…

As far as beauty subscriptions go, Birchbox is the OG. And for good reason: It regularly features all of the best and well-known brands in its monthly boxes. Each one comes with between two to six items in either travel or full sizes. And since they can build their box themselves, they’re guaranteed to love it every time. Subscriptions are available by the month or up to 12 months. ($13+/month, Birchbox)

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A catalog of classes to keep their minds sharp…

Make them master of their own domain. Masterclass has seriously upped its game over the years, featuring over 150 classes in a wide range of topics. A monthly subscription will give them access to classes by some of the biggest names in comedy, singing, writing, cooking, and more. Plus, depending on the subscription you choose, they can add other people to the account too. Hint, hint. ($180+/year, Masterclass)

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A chocolate subscription to satisfy their sweet tooth…

If they lean more toward the sweet than the savory, this monthly chocolate delivery may be the best gift they receive this season. Each month they’ll get three small-batch, ethically sourced chocolate bars in traditional flavors, and some not-so-traditional ones: like pretzels and mustard, green tea crunch and more. They’ll also get tasting notes from Raaka’s head chocolate maker. Yum. ($98/3 months, Food52)

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A sustainable play kit that supports development…

This is not your average kid’s box. Lovevery’s play kits are designed with little ones up to 4 years old in mind, designed specifically for the exact stage they’re at. Each box includes not only toys and activities but also helpful, expert-researched tips for parents to support them along the way. Plus, all the toys are made sustainably and curated specifically for them. Win. ($80+/kit, Lovevery)

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A box of Japanese snacks that help support local business…

This one ships directly from Japan and includes up to 24 different snacks and candies, along with a tea pairing and a guide that explains the origins and flavors of each piece. The treats, which include both sweet and savory options. are sourced by family-run businesses in Japan. The first box is an all-star sampling of snacks from every season. Each box has its own unique theme after that. ($39.99+/month, Bokksu)

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Wild Grain

A bakery subscription that gives them sourdough on demand…

If they’re one of the many who got into bread baking during the pandemic but can’t seem to find the time to commit to their starter now, this subscription is perfect. Wildgrain is a delivery service that sends a variety of frozen goods, like breads, fresh pastas, and other pastries that can be baked fresh in 25 minutes. Delivery is free, and every order supports small businesses. ($89/box, Wild Grain)

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Seven Sisters Scones

A scone subscription that will up their breakfast game…

There’s nothing quite as delightful as a scone and a cup of tea in the morning. This box of 12 freshly baked mini scones are made with all natural ingredients, is baked the same day it ships, and comes in flavors like cinnamon coffee cake, lemon poppy, and more. We can’t be held accountable when they start speaking with a British accent, though. ($29+/month, Seven Sisters Scones)

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GQ Box

A best-of-the-best box that will keep them cool every season…

If GQ says it’s cool? It’s cool. This box, curated by the magazine’s editors, features clothing, accessories, and home goods valued up to $200 per box. Subscriptions also come with access to GQ’s members-only store, where approved products are offered at a discount. This season’s subscription includes Bombas socks, a Goodlife sweatshirt, and more. A happy (and stylish) holiday to them indeed. ($100/two boxes, GQ Box)

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