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I Didn’t Believe in Standing Desks Until I Got One — Now I Preach About Them

review of branch's standing desk
Design: theSkimm | Images: Branch
April 8, 2024

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The assignment…

For a hybrid worker who’s at home a majority of the time, investing in my desk space was always on my to-do list. I procrastinated for frankly no good reason, but finally decided that if this is the way of the future, I should upgrade, stat. Branch specializes in office furniture that isn’t ugly, and I already own their Daily Chair. So naturally I made the leap to their Duo Standing Desk ($499+) to see if it could really enhance my work-from-home experience. PS: Get 10% off with code SKIMMXDUO.

Straight A’s in…

  • Style. Much like my chair, Branch makes a very pretty desk. It’s sleek, the controls are discreet, and it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in my apartment living room. I got the white top with charcoal legs, which matches my subdued color palette. PS: Shout-out to the new sage color for those looking for something a bit more lively. 

  • Functionality. It’s incredibly smooth to operate; the desk literally glides. I love that you can preset two heights so that you can just click the button for a change. This is super useful so you’re not guesstimating. I know that if I’m finishing my work day standing, but I don’t want to leave the desk high overnight, I can click the control and it will lower without colliding with the armrests of my chair. 

  • Quality. This thing is solid. It’s made from laminated MDF and powder-coated steel. I never once felt like it wasn’t sturdy or couldn’t hold my monitors and everything else I’ve crammed around them. 

  • Lifestyle flexibility. Since I have the option now to work from whatever height I want, I feel an odd sense of freedom throughout my day. Not being chained to a sitting desk is actually really nice. I can have more control over my schedule, and sometimes break up the day by taking meetings standing versus doing more heads-down work sitting. It’s like the desk has become an active tool in my work life rather than just a stagnant piece of furniture sitting in the corner gathering dust.

review of branch's standing desk

Room for growth…

  • Storage. What I love about the desk is its minimal style and that you’ve got lots of room for your legs. On the flip side, that means there’s no storage available, so you'll either have to work with what you already own or you’ll need to purchase some add-ons. This also means cables are visible and you need to do some work to make things look neat. 

  • Price. Without beating around the bush, it’s pricey. The smaller size goes for $499, while the larger size is $599. It’s without a doubt an investment, but if you’re weighing your options and you work from home a majority of the time, if not all, it’s entirely worth it. 

  • Weight. Spoiler alert: It’s heavy. If I had to assemble this thing by myself, it would have been really, really hard, because at one point I had to flip it after the legs were installed. My partner, who is a much larger man, had to do that part. I 100% think this is a two-person job if you’re a smaller human being. What I will note is that the pre-drilled holes make assembly easier.

Works best for…

  • Those who work from home permanently or are hybrid. 

  • Anyone with some type of chronic pain that is worsened by all-day sitting. Think lower back pain and hip pain.

  • Those who tend to fidget and find sitting for long periods of time challenging. A standing desk can introduce the possibility of a walking pad, so I’d also extend this to those that are activity-conscious if their day job makes them stagnant. 

branch's standing desk with attachable drawer and cord organizer

Gets extra credit for…

Branch has a ton of accessories available, which eases the shopping experience since you don’t need to search for items on other sites. Everything will also be aesthetically aligned. However, those items are sold separately so cost adds up.

How I did my homework…

I lived with the Duo Standing Desk for over two months, using it up to four days a week (I’m usually in the office one to two days a week). I assembled it with the help of my partner, and have used it in every position imaginable to see how it affected my productivity and general wellbeing. Historically I’ve always worked from a traditional fixed desk, so I have years to compare the experience to. 


  • Duo Standing Desk, $499+

  • Get 10% off with code SKIMMXDUO

  • Desk available in two sizes

  • Top available in five colors, legs available in three

  • 20-inch adjustment range, two height presets, collision detection, programmable reminders to stand

  • Free shipping on orders $90+

  • Refunds available on returns up to 30 days after purchase

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