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I Upgraded to a Casper Mattress and It Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

review of the casper snow max mattress
Design: theSkimm | Credit: Casper
May 21, 2024

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What I tested…

I tested Casper’s Snow Max, a cooling hybrid mattress with a medium-soft feel and lots of support. I’m moving in with my partner next year, so I went ahead and upgraded to a king bed since this will be the mattress we sleep on when living together. PS: The mattress is currently 30% off due to a Memorial Day Sale.

Why I tested…

Why I tested Casper's Snow Max mattress

How I tested…

I’ve been sleeping on the Casper Snow Max for a month now, on my own and with my partner. 

Test results…

  • Support. This mattress has major support. It is not like sleeping on the fluffiest cloud — but that’s not what I was looking for. I wanted my hips and shoulders supported since I switch between side and stomach sleeping. If I’m sinking too far in, my shoulders round and that leads to muscle pain. This mattress holds me. It’ll mold slightly, so I can feel a depression in the mattress at the heaviest parts of my body, but my back is aligned and my hips are not dipping. 

  • Cooling effect. Thanks to the Snow Technology, this mattress feels cool to the touch and moves heat away from my body. I’m a hot sleeper, and if I’m too close to my partner and start to feel his body heat, I’ll heat up even more. I’ve never woken up sweaty since sleeping on this mattress. In fact, sometimes I feel a little chilly and will fall asleep with socks on. 

  • Size. A king mattress provides unparalleled space. I truly cannot stress how beneficial the extra room is when sleeping next to someone. It has transformed how comfortable my partner and I are in bed. I can spread out during the night and don’t have to worry about knocking into him. 

  • Reduced motion transfer. My sleep cycle is not consistent, and I often struggle with falling asleep. On the other hand, my partner falls asleep within 10 minutes. If I’m up and I need to use the restroom, or if I’m just tossing and turning, I feel comforted by the fact that he can’t really feel my motion. I’ve asked him if he’s sensed me getting up or has ever woken all the way up because of my tossing, and he has confidently said no.

review of casper's snow max mattress


  • Weight. This mattress is heavy, especially because of its size. Which means setting it up on a new bed frame was awkward and a two-person job. The mattress arrives boxed, so it’s vacuum-sealed. Once you remove the plastic wrapping, it’ll reinflate quickly. I would have struggled if I had tried to do this set up on my own.  

  •  Bedding. Since I upgraded to a king bed, my linen closet filled with queen-size sheets quickly became useless. I turned to Brooklinen to fix this and ordered the Classic Percale Core Sheet Set in Graphite and Steel Oxford Stripe. I got a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two king pillowcases. I also needed a new quilt, so I ordered the Lightweight Cotton Quilt Set in Onyx. I love everything Brooklinen, and these sheets are confirmed soft and cozy. The quilt is light enough to use during the summer months, and since it’s so large, I can wrap it around my feet and legs, which provides a soothing cocoon sensation.  

The Fine Details…

  • Casper Snow Max; $2,185+ (currently 30% off)

  • Available in sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split King

  • King mattress measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long by 14 inches high

  • Top layer is made of memory foam coated with cooling material, second layer is zoned memory foam with bands of flexible graphite, third layer is contoured memory foam, base is springs encased by foam 

  • Casper offers free shipping and free returns

  • 10-year limited warranty available

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