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Apotheke Founder Chrissy Fichtl on the Candle Trends to Expect This Year

Plus, she tells us how to pick scents for each part of your home.
Chrissy Fichtl
June 6, 2024

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We had the pleasure of meeting Chrissy Fichtl, the founder of the delightful home fragrance brand, Apotheke, a few months ago at an event promoting their Charcoal Rouge fragrance. Chrissy is the fragrance expert of all fragrance experts, so we decided to pick her brain going into the season where candles tend to feel lackluster. Chrissy, fill us in…

What is your favorite Apotheke fragrance?

This season, I love Sea Salt Grapefruit in my kitchen or bathroom for that fresh citrus. Orange Blossom Neroli is on all the time at my house. It’s so dynamic and popular with guests.

For people new to Apotheke, what products do you recommend starting with?

Charcoal is iconic and what we are often known for, so it should be the first thing you try. Earl Grey Bitters, Sea Salt Grapefruit, or White Vetiver are some of our other signatures, with Charcoal Rouge being the newest addition.

Do you have an unconventional or hacky way to use any specific Apotheke products?

No hacks, just candle care. It sounds boring, but these are mini fireplaces around your home, and people often forget that.

What are your favorite home fragrances for summer? Any new launches you’re excited about?

The Flavor Paper collaboration has been such a blast with our signature scents like Charcoal, White Vetiver, and Sea Salt Grapefruit in the wallpapered vessels. We also just launched our Apotheke Studio, a 10-seat candle-making bar at our flagship in Red Hook, Brooklyn. People can gain an education in fragrance from our expert chandlers and create their own custom candles.

What fragrances do you foresee becoming trendy?

As fall approaches, you will see a lot of cherry, pumpkin, and firewood scents. The new year looks like it will bring more garden-focused scents, with innovation through fragrance technology by upcycling ingredients or sustainably sourcing worldwide.

Any tips on scent layering/mixing at home?

Mix what you like! Pick cleaner fragrances for the bathroom and kitchen, and warmer, more dynamic scents for bedrooms and living rooms. Fragrance is so personal, so lean in and enjoy what you love.

It’s always hard to make fragrance potent in a larger room or space. Any tips for making sure scent packs a punch in those rooms?

Buy a larger candle. The more wicks you have, the stronger the scent throws.

Psst: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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