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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly refillable cleaning products
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March 31, 2023

This post was originally published in March 2022 and has been updated.

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We're all trying to do our best when it comes to the impact we make on the environment. One easy way to do that? Being more mindful of the products you use to clean your home. If you're looking to make the swap to more sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly cleaning products, we've rounded up some options that'll help you live a little greener. (Not to mention help your household avoid asthma- and allergen-triggering artificial scents — as well as dangerous ingredients in corrosives and cleaners.) We’re talking refillable options, reusable and biodegradable cleaning essentials, and more. Time to sparkle.

eco friendly cleaning prodcuts

Laundry pods and scent spray in sustainable packaging…

Send odors packing with this plant-based room spray and stain and detergent pods. They’re come in recyclable packaging like glass and cardboard and come in natural scents including lavender, eucalyptus, forest air, and lemon verbena. The pods are available in bundles of 64, 128, or 192, and the air fresheners in a set of three. Both are phthalate-free, dye-free, paraben-free, and never tested on animals. ($19.50+, Dopps)

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Eco friendly cleaning products
Dirty Labs

A bio-based and biodegradable dishwasher detergent…

This ultra-concentrated two-in-one formula has been designed with ingredients to break down harsh messes, with no pre-wash needed. It comes in a yuzu, geranium, and lemon scent and a fragrance-free option. It gets bonus points for a recyclable cardboard container, and customers say that it does a great job tackling caked-on food. ($16.20+, Dirty Labs)

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Amazon washcloths

Reusable Swedish dishcloths to swap in for your paper towels…

Single-use paper towels? We don’t know her. You can use these cellulose cloths all around the house since they’re incredibly absorbent and fast-drying. One can last up to eight weeks and 200 washes before being composted. We love how easy they are to use and their quick-drying nature. Many customers also say they don’t get stinky during cleaning. Oh, and we love that they come in 10 different colors like this assorted bunch. ($17.45+/10 pack, Amazon)

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Eco friendly cleaning products

A bamboo dish cleaning set…

Ditch the plastic kitchen tools with these pan, dish, glass, bottle, and veggie brushes, all made from eco-friendly materials like coconut and sisal bristles. The items have an ergonomic, minimalist design that won’t cause wear and tear on your special pots or pans. ($24.95, Amazon)

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eco friendly cleaning products
Container Store

A bamboo broom that’ll easily pick up dust and debris…

Tell your drugstore broom to step aside: There’s a new sheriff in town. This one is made from eco-friendly wood and recycled plastic and has an angled brush head for cleaning tight corners. Customers say it picks up everything from dog hair to crumbs and is built to last. ($34.99, Container Store)

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blueland refillable bottles

A refillable cleaning kit that uses mess-free tablets…

Blueland offers hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and more — minus the revolving door of single-use plastic products. Just add one of their tablets to your reusable container and get cleanin’. Hesitant first-timers can buy one-off products to start, but we love the Clean Essentials Kit. You’ll get all four of the brand’s bestsellers — foaming hand soap, bathroom cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, and glass cleaner — and four forever bottles. The tablets can be combined with water to create more solution, so you won’t need to keep buying bottle after bottle. Or grab the Clean Suite kit, which comes with everything listed above plus detergent, dish soap, and dishwasher cleaner. ($15+, Blueland)

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GroveCo refillable bottle and tile solution
Grove Collaborative

A marketplace for a wide variety of eco-friendly household products… 

Grove Collaborative offers an array of sustainable household, personal care, clean beauty, kids, and pet products. We love the brand’s own label, which includes products like reusable glass bottles with different-colored silicone sleeves to keep track of what’s inside, this apple and pear blossom–scented tub cleaner, and these wool dryer balls. Grove Collaborative uses a subscription model that gives you flexibility with your monthly deliveries, plus a $19.99 VIP membership for free shipping and more. ($4.99+, Grove Collaborative)

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Supernatural cleaning set and essential oils

Reusable cleaning products scented with essential oils… 

Supernatural uses plant-based ingredients, minerals, and essential oils in its cleaning formulas. The Cleaning Starter Set has wood floors, granite countertops, glass and windows, and bathroom tile covered. Or turn things up a notch with its powdered hand soap, which comes with a recyclable aluminum shaker that’s built to last. Its coconut and sandalwood scent is so good, you might want to add on some hand-dipped incense for the rest of your home. ($9.95+, Supernatural)

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Biom reusable wipes

Biodegradable all-purpose wipes made from plants… 

Those cleaning wipes you love and have used forever? Yeah…they’re probably made from thermoplastic materials. But with Biom’s 100% plant-based wipes, you can say “buh-bye” to single-use plastics. These wipes are perfect for countertop spills, removing grime on your appliances, and cleaning tiles — plus they smell heavenly. Psst…The chic refillable dispenser comes in four different colors and has a magnetic seal to keep your wipes fresh. ($39+, Biom

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Brandies baby solution and tub tabs

A site where you can shop eco-friendly options for virtually all your home and wellness needs… 

In addition to cleaning products, Brandless has got everything from skincare items to outdoor goods. This cleaning bundle is perfect for new parents bringing home their baby. It's got hypoallergenic and gentle baby essentials all packaged in a reusable cotton basket. Wanna upgrade your laundry game? Put these lavender detergent packs to work. And make your bathroom sparkle with these tub and tile refills. ($6+, Brandless)

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Cleancult cleaning set and reusable carton

A bundle of refillable cleaning products if you prefer a brighter aesthetic… 

Cleancult houses all of its refills in colorful, paper-based milk cartons  — including laundry, hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, and dishwasher tablets — and color-coded refillable glass bottles (if you snag the mosaic colorway) so you know what’s what. The Complete Home Bundle will save you 30% compared to buying individually. You’ll get the entire suite of refillable glass bottles in your choice of color (off-white, mosaic, or periwinkle) and the entire set of refills in your choice of scent (classic, fruity, or exotic). ($95.99+, Cleancult)

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