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What Our Editors Were Obsessed With in June

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Mon Été, Shopbop, Amazon
June 23, 2023

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We’ll admit it: One major perk of our job as editors is that we get to try out oodles of products to let you know if they’re truly worth your hard-earned money. So in the nature of tossing gatekeeping to the curb, we’re sharing a few standout faves from the past month that we usually reserve for the group chat. Because they really are that good (and we’ll be super sad if they sell out and we can’t get them anymore). Without further ado…


The easiest way to make your own cold brew at home...

I got this glass pitcher and infuser for the summer season so I could make my iced coffee at home, and I love how convenient it is. I fill the stainless steel infuser with my choice of ground coffee, fill the pitcher with water, and place the infuser in. I keep the pitcher in the fridge overnight and let it really brew. The pieces are easy to wash, and you'll get an instruction card that's easy to follow if you're a first-time maker. I'm saving major dollars on store-bought coffee, and that's a great feeling. –Alexandra Napoli ($45, Hydros)

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A USB drive that's also a conversation starter...

I'm trying out a new hobby that involves carrying around a USB, and as a Skimm editor, you better believe I'm not walking around with some plain old thing. I've become obsessed with my new little friend. It can hold up to 16GB of information (there’s also a 32GB option) and is cute as a button — plus, it's pretty hard to misplace, and I never confuse it with anyone else’s. –Beck Diaz ($9.89+, Amazon)

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The perfect light layer for summer...

I'm not usually an outfit repeater, but I find myself reaching for this shirt in white to throw over everything this summer. It's so light but soft, so it doesn't have that scratchy feeling some button downs do. –Jessica Kelly ($168, Nordstrom)

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Mon Été

A fun necklace with a magnetic clasp...

When this brand sent me this necklace, I was immediately in love. Not just because of the magnetic clasp (literally a game changer) or the different sizes of the baroque pearls, but because I wanted to put it on with absolutely every outfit. I wore it to dinner with a white T-shirt, to a Harry Styles concert (knew he'd be proud), and with my swimsuit lounging by the pool. Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn by Mon Été, which means "My Summer" in French. Now that's cute. –Martha Upton ($80, Mon Été)

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White jeans that converted us to white pants fans...

White jeans are deeply not my thing, but when I saw this cream pair from Levi's for summer, I was intrigued. It turns out they're the best way to wear white jeans without feeling too preppy, thanks to the tone and the classic 501 silhouette. The best part? These are cropped and hit me at the perfect spot as a petite person. Not having to get these hemmed = a dream. –Margo Ghertner ($108, Shopbop)

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The best shorts to wear under summer dresses...

With summer wedding season approaching, I needed something to make sure my undergarment game was on point. These shorts feel smoothing and secure and never bunched or rolled (not once) when I was throwing my hands up and shouting on the dancefloor. They're breathable enough to wear in the heat and never show through even the sheerest of dresses. My plus one, found. –Abby Drozd ($58, Spanx)

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