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What Our Editors Were Obsessed With in May

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Calpak, Covey Skincare, Boarderie
May 30, 2023

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We’ll admit it: One major perk of our job as editors is that we get to try out oodles of products to let you know if they’re truly worth your hard-earned money. So in the nature of tossing gatekeeping to the curb, we’re sharing a few standout faves from the past month that we usually reserve for the group chat. Because they really are that good (and we’ll be super sad if they sell out and we can’t get them anymore). Without further ado…


A cheese board begging for a summer party...

Fact: There is nothing more crowd-pleasing and easy to set up than a charcuterie board. These delicious artisan boards are available in several sizes and varieties (including meat-free), and come preassembled. If you're having a summer get-together or picnic, all you need to do is unwrap one of these and get to snacking. Plus, you can order one up to a year in advance of your event or preferred delivery date. It also makes a great gift for the cheese lover in your life. Wins all around. –Emmy Favilla ($129+, Boarderie)

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A silk blouse we always get complimented on...

I tried a few pieces from Argent and absolutely loved the quality. This silk twill blouse is beautiful and made me feel so put together when I entered the office. I got numerous compliments on not only the blouse, but also the blazer I had layered over it. The pieces are pricey, but you can tell the clothes are extremely well-made and durable. I consider them to be wardrobe staples I'll reach for over and over again. –Alexandra Napoli ($250, Argent)

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A necklace that makes us want to mix metals...

I've been a silver-’til-I-die girlie for as long as I can remember, but I decided to venture into gold this summer after discovering the prices on Quince. This 14-Karat gold necklace is the perfect addition to my silver stack (yes, I'm mixing *insert eye roll*). It's super dainty and can be adjusted from the standard 18-inch length to a tight choker, thanks to the wide links used. Affordable gold FTW. –Beck Diaz ($219.90, Quince)

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The perfect carry-on bag...

I've used this carry-on for a few flights, and now I won't travel without it. It hooks onto my luggage easily and doesn't wiggle around, making it easier to navigate through the airport. It's lightweight but has plenty of space, and fits under the seat nicely, so I don't have to wrestle it out to grab things. –Jessica Kelly ($128, Calpak)

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Covey Skincare

A body lotion even lotion-haters will love...

I had seen the rave reviews of model Emily DiDonato's skincare products, so when they offered to send me the line to try, I was all in. I love the cleanser, my skin actually didn't hate the vitamin C serum (the ingredient usually breaks me out), but the unexpected hero was the body lotion. I hate lotion, like I really hate it. But with skin-showing season approaching, the idea of dry, crepey skin freaks me out more. This lotion feels light and serum-y, rubs in almost instantly, and has ingredients like niacinamide and ceramides to actually improve your skin. Plus, it smells delightful. Grab the whole skin and body set to overhaul your routine in the best way. –Martha Upton ($26, Covey Skincare)

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Packing cubes that keep us organized on long trips...

I spent two weeks of this month living out of a suitcase, and these packing cubes ensured that I stayed organized…and was able to stuff as much as possible into my bag. This set comes with two large cubes, two small ones, a tube-shaped bag for socks, and even a laundry pouch. The best part? The compressive zippers mean everything stays extra flat. Hey, what’s up, hello: new travel must-have. –Margo Ghertner ($49.95/6 pack, Amazon)

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