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Exciting Experiences to Gift Anyone Who Lives Life to the Fullest

the best experiences gifts to give someone this holiday season
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November 1, 2021

They’ve backpacked through Europe and are always up for learning something new. Their weekends start with sunrise walks and end with a group happy hour. In other words: They’re kind of like the Energizer bunny. Sound like someone you know? This holiday season, help feed their desire to keep moving (and keep their mind active) with these exciting experiential gifts. The only time they’ll take their phone out is to take a picture.

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A handpicked adventure for the hard-to-pin-down…

With Tinggly, your giftee is in the driver’s seat. They get to decide where to adventure — and when. You simply select a collection and they choose from over 350 unique experiences. They can relax while sipping Italian wine, get an adrenaline rush walking with wild lions, or find a happy medium scuba diving. ($129+, Tinggly)

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A MasterClass subscription

A MasterClass subscription to boost their brain power… 

From acting classes with Samuel L. Jackson to cooking classes with Gordon Ramsey to conservation with Dr. Jane Goodall. They’ll be able to explore their interests and learn from experts, or try their hand at something brand new. Classes are on-demand videos, so learning is on their terms. Class is in session. ($180/year, MasterClass)

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groupon offers

An online experiences marketplace with all of the options…

Not sure where to start? Groupon’s gotchu. They’ve got thousands of unique, last-minute (and not-so-last-minute) experiences to gift this holiday season. We’re talking axe-throwing, hot air ballooning, brewery tours, all-day spa treatments, and so. much. more. The best part? These gifts are sent right to your inbox. So they’re 1000% guaranteed to arrive on time. Pro tip: Download the Groupon app and shop December 17. Because it’s the first-ever Groupon Day, when everything’s 30% off. Supply chain issues? Wouldn’t know ‘em. (Prices vary, Groupon)*

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Educational classes

Educational classes for the friend who’d go back to school in a heartbeat… 

Now they can, kinda. This online marketplace offers over 155,000 courses in programming, marketing, data science, and more. Your giftee won’t walk away with a degree, but they will hone a new skill and up their bragging rights. And we love that for them. (Prices vary, Udemy)

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An at-home escape room

An at-home escape room for the puzzle lover in your life… 

This bi-monthly subscription box brings new meaning to lockdown at home. Luckily there’s a way out — if they’re clever enough to solve the riddle. Each box comes with all the visuals and props they need to bring the two-to-three hour game to life. Psst...each themed game can be played alone or in a group; it’s entirely up to them. For 20% off this box, use code SKIMM20 at checkout. And for even more of our fave subscription boxes from Cratejoy, shop here. ($26.50+/box, Cratejoy)

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An experiential gift

An experiential gift that also comes with a physical present... 

Because sometimes you want to give more than an envelope. Choose from any number of activities: tarot-card reading, painting lessons, bath-bomb making, and so much more. With each activity, your recipient will receive a complementary product shipped to their door. They’ll have everything they need to put their learning cap on. And for more of our fave holiday gifts from Uncommon Goods, shop here. (Prices vary, Uncommon Goods)

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An arts-and-crafts box for

An arts-and-crafts box for anyone who wants to channel their inner Picasso… 

They’ll learn a new skill every month, from wood burning to engraving. Each box comes with all the tools, materials, and instructions they need for an inspiring crafternoon. Some finished products include cool wine carriers, coasters, and candles. For 20% off this box, use code SKIMM20 at checkout. ($31+/month, Cratejoy)  

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Pottery planter kit

An at-home pottery kit that doesn’t require a wheel…

So they can make their own plant pot right from the dining room table. Each set comes with all the supplies they’ll need to make two planters. And if they’re newbies, they can follow the step-by-step video tutorial as they learn the ropes. ($48.71+, Etsy)

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Audio Subscription

A new (but also old) way to discover new artists… 

The radio ain’t got nothing on vinyl records. Each month, they’ll be able to rock out to a vinyl mixtape featuring 10 up-and-coming bands from around the world. Each one is artfully designed by a different graphic artist. They’ll also get a lyrics booklet with corresponding band info. So if they discover an artist they really like, they’ll be able to deep-dive into their discography later. Audiophiles, assemble. And for 20% off this box, use code SKIMM20 at checkout. ($27+/month, Cratejoy)

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A date-night bucket list

A date-night bucket list that’ll solve every couple’s most common problem… 

It’s time to put an end to the madness of 'What should we do tonight?’ This kit leaves your evening up to fate. Each stick in the set of 25 features an inspiring idea for the two of you (or for a couple you know). Think: visiting a museum they’ve never been to before, or telling nostalgic childhood stories. Once the date is over, they can record the date on the back to create a lil’ time capsule of love. ($20, Uncommon Goods)

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A beginner’s knitting kit

A beginner’s knitting kit that’ll turn them into pros in no time… 

They’ll get two skeins of yarn, a pair of knitting needles, a jumbo yarn needle, and a written pattern to guide them as they create their first scarf. Oh — they’ll also get access to an instructional video library for even more help. Once they complete this project, they can move on to level two (hello, beanies). ($43.20, Knifty Knittings on Etsy)

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An adorable inflatable pool

An adorable inflatable pool, because nobody ever said they’re just for kids…

Just picture it: eyes closed, face to the sun, drink in hand. This mini pool is exactly what they need for a little rest and relaxation. Come the warm-weather months, their home is gonna be the go-to hangout spot. Countdown to summer starts now. ($45, Minnidip

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An online plant-care workshop

An online plant-care workshop for anyone new to plant parenthood......

Those lil’ green babes aren’t going to take care of themselves. And these virtual classes will give them the skills they need to help their greenery thrive. There’s even more advanced classes for parents of adolescent plants. Grow, baby, grow. ($10+, The Sill)

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A set of adventure journals

A set of adventure journals that encourage exploration… 

All they need is a good excuse to get going. These passport-style journals — one for road trips, one for National Parks — are just that. Each one has space to jot down thoughts and memories, like stops they made along the way and wildlife spotted. In the back of each journal, they’ll find logs, checklists, and bucket lists that’ll help them plan their travels. Hop to it. ($20, Uncommon Goods)

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A coffee club

A coffee club that’ll keep them energized as they check off experiences...…

Because even the biggest go-getters need a little help with the pep in their step sometimes. This monthly subscription delivers Vietnamese pour-over coffee straight to their door. No special supplies (like a French press) required. They can simply tear open the single-serving packet, place the pouch over a cup, and pour hot water in. One fresh cup, coming right up. ($14/8 pack, Copper Cow Coffee)

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