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PSA: Here’s a List of the Fall Candles You Should Be Burning

fall candles
Design: theSkimm | Photos: Anthropolgie, Literie, Snif
October 4, 2023

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Our Super Bowl? Building out our candle stash for fall. Now that we’re officially into October, it’s time to get your home feeling and smelling cozy with these immersive scents. From warm, spicy pumpkin to crisp apple and smoky bonfire, these fragrances will add some autumnal flair to your space. Grab your wallet and let the games begin.


The best pumpkin candle, according to HQ’rs…

Nest Pumpkin Chai forever. This is the one fall candle our editors burn year after year. The name is exactly what the fragrance notes are: It’s spicy with blends of masala chai, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, and has a hint of pumpkin that isn’t too sweet. Buy in bulk. ($20+, Nordstrom)

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P.F. Candle Co.

A new cider-scented candle that’s become our fall staple…

There’s nothing better than discovering a new go-to home scent, and this subtle blend from P.F. Candle Co. is just that. If you’re looking for the perfect transitional candle that isn’t too heavy on the fall fragrances but still brings the cozy vibes, this is the one for you. It has notes of freshly picked fruit, mulling spices, spiced cider, and persimmon. This one burns evenly thanks to the 100% soy wax and we love the brand’s signature amber-colored jar. ($24, P.F. Candle Co.)

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Bath & Body Works

An essential three-wick candle from Bath & Body Works…

We were counting down the days until we could do our yearly candle run at Bath & Body Works. The classic Leaves candle is our ultimate pick out of everything the brand has to offer. It has fragrance notes of red apple, golden nectar, and warm clove spice. So if you’re overwhelmed every time you go into the store thanks to the endless options, just go with this one. ($26.95, Bath & Body Works)

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A woodsy candle you’ll burn straight through winter…

Behold: The perfect fall-through-winter candle. Imagine sipping a spicy vanilla latte while sitting around a winter bonfire in the woods — that’s what this one smells like, thanks to notes of cedarwood, smoke, and patchouli, plus a hint of sweetness. It’s housed in a gorgeous sandblasted mercury vessel that calls to mind a freshly cut log. This comes in two sizes: A giant, 21.5-ounce three-wick version that’ll probably last you for years, and a smaller, supremely giftable single-wick size. ($34+, Nordstrom)

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A candle that’ll conjure memories of apple picking as a kid…

If annual apple-picking excursions were the highlight of your childhood (and potentially your adulthood), this one from Literie is for you. It burns for up to 50 hours and has sweet notes of apple cider doughnuts. Plus, the packaging is so cute on this one you can reuse the container as a fall-friendly vase. ($45, Literie)

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A glass gourd-shaped candle perfect for your tablescape…

Anything that’s multipurpose is something we can always get behind. Use this candle as decor for your next gathering and keep your place smelling fresh with notes of vanilla and pumpkin. Dinner party, anyone? ($38, Anthropologie)

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The ultimate fireplace candle…

Life hack: Play the fireplace video on your TV and burn this cult-classic candle from Diptyque. It has a warm and smoky scent that smells exactly like firewood, with the slightest hint of florals to balance it out. Psst…it’s so fragrant that you can smell it without even needing to burn it. ($42+, Nordstrom)

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A candle warmer that doubles as a lamp…

Want to burn your candle without worrying about a flame? Check out this sleek accessory that’s under $40. It comes with two 50-watt halogen bulbs that will melt the wax of your candle when you place it on the lamp's base. It’ll emit a cozy glow and your place will smell great. Forget having to put out any fires. ($29.99+, Amazon)

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Companion Candles

A candle that smells like warm laundry and gardenia…

We love this scent because it’s warm enough for fall without being the typical pumpkin candle. What we really love about these small-batch candles? They're free from pesticides, paraffins, preservatives, and petroleum and are safe for pets. Plus, they hail from a woman-owned company that uses a coconut-soy wax blend that'll burn for up to 40 hours. Psst…Skimm’rs can get 15% off their first order with code SKIMM15. ($25, Companion Candles)

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An option from one of our favorite Instagram chefs…

Half Baked Harvest can do no wrong in our eyes. Unsurprisingly, her pumpkin candle in collaboration with Snif smells as delicious as her recipes taste, with notes of salted maple, roasted chocolate, and brûléed orange. We suggest pairing the candle with one of her cookbooks for the ultimate housewarming gift. ($46, Snif)

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A candle for all the latte lovers out there…

Otherland is one of our favorite places to grab a candle (or two). They’re vegan, toxin-free, burn for up to 55 hours, and the packaging is just too pretty to pass up. This limited-edition fall scent called “Cardamom Milk” has notes of frothed milk, cardamom, and praline. TLDR, it’ll smell like the chai latte of your dreams. ($36, Otherland)

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The candle version of Glossier’s cult-favorite perfume…

If notes of pumpkin and spice aren’t your thing, look to this candle from Glossier. It has the exact same fragrance notes as their bestselling You perfume. It’s floral, it’s woody, it’s clean, and has comforting notes of amber and pink pepper. It’ll look chic on your coffee table, too. ($45, Glossier)

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The one that’s Monica Geller-approved…

Or, it would be, given that Homecourt is Courteney Cox’s home fragrance line. This one is the ultimate fall kitchen candle thanks to notes of fig, green basil, mandarin, and ginger. We rec deep-cleaning your kitchen then lighting this candle to top off the ultra-clean vibes. Trust us. ($65, Homecourt)

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Boy Smells

Kacey Musgraves’ Slow Burn candle…

Our editors burn this all year round, but it definitely hits different in the fall. It’s spicy and smoky with hints of raspberry and incense. It smells like a hug in a candle. No notes. ($52, Boy Smells)

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Urban Outfitters

A set of pretty, unscented taper candles…

You might just want the ambience of candles in your space without having a fragrance. This set from Urban Outfitters comes with four paraffin wax candles covered in dried flowers that are inlaid at the base. They’ll burn for up to 15 hours and will add the perfect cottagecore touch. ($14, Urban Outfitters)

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NewMoonBeginnings via Etsy

Decorative tea lights for Halloween…

There’s no better feeling than decorating your home for spooky season. These handmade tea lights are embedded with herbs, flowers, and crystals on the top layer. You can pick from a plethora of fragrances, from Apple Cinnamon to Witch’s Brew (which has notes of cedarwood and orange). If you have a friend who’s Halloween obsessed, definitely grab a set for them, too. ($9.99/4-pack, NewMoonBeginnings via Etsy)

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A budget-friendly option that does it all…

It smells great, comes in a decorative container, and is under $15? We’re stocking up ASAP. This candle from Target’s Heart & Hand line is perfect for if you’re wanting to have a fall candle in every room without wanting to splash out a ton of money. The scent has notes of a little bit of everything from florals and citrus to warm spices. Grab it while you can as they’ve been selling out fast. ($14.99, Target)

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