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Winning Gift Ideas for Every Type of Family Member

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November 18, 2019

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The Story

Your family loves you no matter what. But it never hurts to score some extra brownie points.

Keep talking… 

It’s the family gift exchange. And this is your moment. Here are the presents that will make you the family favorite... at least until next year.

For the relative who lets you borrow her lipstick...

Thrive Causemetics

A set of essentials

now $46.Thrive Causemetics

Why it’s smart: A pack full of cult favorite beauty products that are vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, for every purchase, the company gives back to a worthy cause. Talk about an eye-opener. Ps… every purchase comes with a free makeup bag to make your gift look that much better.

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For the dog who you love as much (or more) than the rest of the family…

Wild One Toy Kit

Wild pup toy kit

$58.Wild One Toy Kit

Why it’s smart: These dog toys have a reinforced core so they don't get immediately destroyed by a dog who loves to chew. Also, they're made from natural rubber in colors that won't clash with your carpet.

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For the one who dreams of a galaxy far, far away...

Stance Chewbacca Socks

Socks for the Wookie inside

$18.Stance Chewbacca Socks

Why it’s smart: You could let your dad (or brother, or whoever) out of the house again in the “Star Wars” tee he’s had for decades. Or, you could replace it with these socks that are a little less… visible.

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For the one who knows all the family secrets…

MY Family Cookbook

The book of family recipes

$30.UncommonGoods My Family Cookbook

Why it’s smart: Family recipes usually end up on scraps of paper (or in mom's head). This cookbook has enough blank pages for 80 recipes. So you’ll never forget that secret ingredient in grandma’s famous cookies.  

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For the one who can’t live without morning coffee…

Amazon Fellow Electric Pour Over Kettle

Pour over like a pro

$149.Amazon Fellow Electric Pour-over Kettle

Why it’s smart: Coffee tastes better when the water's the right temperature. This electric kettle lets you set the exact temperature and then it stays there. Also has a timer so you don't steep your grinds too long.

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For the one who is on the move…

FFORA Essentials Bundle

Stylish wheelchair accessories

$182.FFORA Essentials Bundle

Why it’s smart: Because it's no fun sitting on your purse. This wheelchair accessories kit keeps everything within arm's reach. It includes a stylish bag and a cup holder that magnetically snaps into place on the lower tubes of a wheelchair.

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For the one who finally shaved after a decade...

Gilette Labs Heated Razor

A DIY hot shave

$200.GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit

Why it’s smart: The warm comfort of a barbershop shave right at home. This razor heats up in less than a second and is completely waterproof. Turn his daily chore into a luxurious experience he’ll look forward to everyday.

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For the kid who lights up your life…

Primary Kids Rainbow Stripe PJ Top

Rainbow bright PJs

$16, $32 for set.Primary Kids Rainbow Stripe PJ Top

Why it’s smart: These striped PJs are made with cotton that are free of chemicals and irritants. They have just enough stretch for kids to stay cozy. Oh, and looks adorable on your Instagram.

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For the one who always looks stylish without trying...

Lively All Day Lounge Pant

Pajamas that look put together

$45, $80 for set.Lively All-Day Lounge Pant

Why it’s smart: Even her pajamas look good. These are so soft, she’ll wear them all day. No judgment. Ps… Skimm’rs get 15% off your first purchase, automatically applied at checkout.

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For the one who's always in the other room working...

Felix Gray Lovelace Eyewear

Glasses made for screen time

$95.Felix Gray Lovelace Eyewear

Why it's smart: “Digital eye strain” is a real thing. These glasses filter out the blue light that comes from screens. So you can keep working without hurting your eyes. I can see cleaaaarly now…

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For the one who's setting up a house...

Hudson Wilder Brant Wine Glasses

Start with the important stuff

$45.Hudson Wilder

Why it's smart: The old-school rule of thumb was to own 8-12 of each type of wine glass. But who has room for that. The shape of these glasses are made for all the colors of the wine rainbow. Cheers.

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For the kid who likes to tinker...

Kiwi Tinker

At home STEM projects

$16.95 and up.KiwiCo Tinker Crate Subscription

Why it’s smart: Each month, a new fun project is delivered to their door. All the crates are tested by kids. So even if you don't know what kids like, you can't go wrong.

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For the one in training...

Lululemon running belt

Essentials on the run

$38.Lululemon running belt

Why it’s smart: For when you never know where to put your phone, keys, and wallet while running. This belt has room for everything you need to bring along (including a special clip designed to keep your keys close).

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For the empty nesters…


Photos in hand


Why it’s smart: Give grandma or grandpa an easy way to show off the fam to their friends. You can actually print a photo on this phone case. So they can brag at a moment’s notice. And it's available for 60% off.

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For the one who's cooking with hand-me-down pans...

Caraway Cookwear Set

A set of pots and pans

$395.Caraway Cookware & Cabinet Organizer Set

Why it’s smart: These pans have a ceramic coating which makes them both non-stick and chemical-free. They come in pretty colors so you can leave them out and not feel guilty about it. Oh, and Skimm’rs get $50 off the price tag.

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For the one who always remembers to take pics...

Skylight Frame

A digital photo frame

$159.Skylight Frame

Why it’s smart: The easiest way to frame digital pics. Just email the photos and the frame updates. It’s the future. PS… Skimm’rs get free shipping.

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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