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Father's Day Gifts for Your Golden Retriever Dad

father's day gifts for your golden retriever dad
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May 30, 2024

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Does your dad break into dance when he hears his favorite song at the grocery store, use an excess of exclamation points in text and email, and/or send you funny animal videos on a weekly basis? If so, you may be in possession of a Golden Retriever dad. Although Golden Retriever dads would be thrilled with literally anything you give them for Father’s Day, we think this sweetest of dad breeds will be extra excited by the gifts ahead. Novel, interactive, and a little bit goofy, these are the gifts that’ll keep your GRD occupied for months on end — and you, since he’ll definitely want you to play with him.

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custom pet photo socks
ModPawsUS via Etsy

A pair of socks that celebrate his beloved pet…

It is a truth universally acknowledged that dads are obsessed with the family dog. And they generally love a cheeky sock. Put them together, and here you have it: the perfect Father’s Day gift. You can choose your color and size, then send the seller a picture of your pet to be plastered all over the final product. PS: There’s room for up to four pet pictures, if he’s lucky enough to have more than one. ($7.39+, ModPawsUS via Etsy)

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A packable Ping Pong set he’ll whip out at every family gathering…

This all-in-one Ping Pong set will sate your Golden Retriever dad’s thirst for a rollicking activity that involves some kind of ball. It includes two paddles, three balls, and an expandable net with clamps that can transform any table into a Ping Pong arena. The kit is packable and travel-friendly, so you know he’s taking this on your next family vacation. ($39.99+, Amazon)

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cycling frog thc seltzer
Cycling Frog

A THC seltzer for a buzz without any alcohol…

This seltzer has 5 milligrams of THC and 10 milligrams of CBD in each can, so he can relax and enjoy without any alcohol involved. The black currant flavor is deliciously sweet and tart at the same time and is made with all-natural fruit juices and without any artificial flavors. He'll crack one open at the end of the night and still have plenty of energy the next day. ($19.99, Cycling Frog)

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illustrated family portrait
TheArtOfNicholas via Etsy

A customized, illustrated family portrait…

This illustrated family portrait is just the kind of sweet-and-playful gift Golden Retriever dads thrive on. You’ll send the artist a family pic (make sure to choose one with the pets in it) and indicate any special details you might want to include, like a personal message or costume requests. They’ll send you a digital file that you can print out and have framed. It’ll take pride of place on your dad’s desk or night table. ($16.45+, TheArtOfNicholas via Etsy)

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smartphone-controlled paper airplane
Uncommon Goods

A phone-controlled paper airplane that’ll bring out his inner child…

This toy is so cool, you won’t even mind that he’ll want to show you how it works every single time you visit. He’ll fold up the “paper” (actually made of carbon fiber) using one of the included templates and attach a Bluetooth device, then use the accompanying app to let it fly and spin. It can fly up to 25 miles per hour — definitely more impressive than the paper airplanes he used to make as a kid. ($60+, Uncommon Goods)

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Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle
Uncommon Goods

An interactive whodunit in the form of a jigsaw puzzle…

Here’s another wildly cool activity that he can recruit the family to join in on. You’ll start the game by reading the included murder mystery story, then put together the 500-piece puzzle by following the narrative. The final puzzle collects all the clues you need to crack the case. Hercule Poirot, is that you? ($19, Uncommon Goods)

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jbl portable speaker

A portable speaker so he can blast his favorite tunes anywhere he wants...

Every Golden Retriever dad must have a way to blast his favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival album in the yard. This mini JBL speaker is Bluetooth-enabled and has a clip that he can hang on a bag, bike, belt loop, or water bottle. It’s also completely waterproof, so he can bring it to the pool, beach, on a camping trip, or in the shower. You won’t find him without it for the foreseeable future. ($49.95, Amazon)

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cactus margarita glasses

Cactus-shaped margarita glasses so any time can be party time…

A little bit of kitsch never hurt anyone. These cactus-shaped cocktail glasses are ideal for showcasing his famous margaritas at his summer barbecues, and they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. If you’re feeling extra generous, throw in this chips-and-dip serving bowl as well. ($34.87, Amazon)

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lego bonsai tree

A Lego kit that creates a display-worthy bonsai tree…

Think Legos are only for kids? We (and probably your dad) would beg to differ. This 878-piece kit is designed especially for adults, creating a 9-inch bonsai tree and hours of calm, contemplative work — the most fun form of meditation. He can also get creative by using green leaves or pink cherry blossoms to top off his display. ($49.99, Lego)

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j.crew factory baseball cap
J.Crew Factory

A hat that needs no introduction…

It’s a baseball cap with a Golden holding an American flag in its mouth. How could we not? Other options here include a shamrock, a hot dog, a trout, and the date 1983, which can either be construed as the year J.Crew was founded or when “Scarface” premiered, whichever one your dad would care about more. ($19.50+, J.Crew Factory)

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