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Splurge-Worthy Father's Day Gifts to Split With Your Siblings

Design: theSkimm | Photos: Buck Mason, Courant
May 30, 2024

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Who can really put a price on all the things your dad has done for you over the years? This is for all the times he changed your oil, took you to soccer practice, listened to you on the phone describing your symptoms, and broke up fights between the very siblings who are helping you bankroll this gift. We’ve found clothing and accessories to help him step up his fashion game, premium steaks, and more. He deserves the splurge.

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Buck Mason

A linen shirt that’s just plain cool…

Buck Mason makes timeless menswear, and this linen camp shirt is no exception. It’s made of a lightweight linen that has a slight sheen and a camp collar. This is the type of shirt that will make him want to smoke a cigar or pair it with crisp shorts on vacation. ($168, Buck Mason)

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Classic Wayfarer sunglasses…

You heard it here first, the next old-is-new-again trend will be the return of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. The shape tends to look good on everyone, and they’re polarized to reduce glare if he’s out on the lake. If they were good enough for Bob Dylan, they’re good enough for Dad. ($230, Nordstrom)

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cast iron dutch oven

A cast iron Dutch oven to spoil a self-proclaimed chef…

Help him take his cooking to the next level with this cast iron beauty from Alva. This 5.3-quart Dutch oven has a large base, so it’s great for searing or browning meats and vegetables all at once. The cast iron distributes heat equally and will keep food hot even after the burner is turned off. Plus, it’s nonstick, indestructible, and looks super stylish, so he'll be making family dinners in this for decades to come. ($299, Alva)

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A Bluetooth speaker that’s all about the bass…

We love Ultimate Ears speakers, and this new larger version produces the best sound quality we’ve ever heard. He’ll be excited to use this for backyard parties, tailgates, or if he’s cooking solo in the kitchen. It can play for up to 17 hours without a charge and is waterproof. Oldies are welcome. ($296.38, Amazon)

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Williams Sonoma

A foolproof waffle maker for hotel waffles all the time…

What goes better together than dads and waffles? With this smart waffle maker, he’ll get the perfect crispy Belgian every time. The maker adjusts the temperature and baking time automatically, so it’s never too crispy or too gooey. The edge around the mold will catch extra batter and make for less mess. ($219.95+, Williams Sonoma)

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A leather sneaker that’s really comfortable…

Show him you care by gifting him the comfortable sneakers you’ll also be wearing all summer long. They’re leather for a more elevated feel than his usual running sneakers, and will match every outfit he puts together. The gold foil logo is subtle, and they’re breathable enough to wear on even the hottest days. ($110, Nordstrom)

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The Rolls Royce of shavers…

This razor will sense and adapt to his face for the closest shave he’s ever had. The blades are self-sharpening, so they won’t dull if he’s using it every morning, and the head fully rotates so there are no awkward angles. You’ll be helping him make his grooming routine way more efficient. ($229.96+, Amazon)

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A coffee table book he’ll be proud to show off…

This book details all the glamorous places where each of the “James Bond” films take place. So whether he’s a staunch Pierce Brosnan supporter or Daniel Craig enthusiast, he’ll take a walk down memory lane of all the most famous scenes in Bond history. ($120, Assouline)

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A charging pad to keep all his favorite devices ready to go…

No more bending over to grab the charging cable or forgetting to plug his phone in entirely at night. All he has to do is place his phone on this sleek charging pad and it’ll be juiced up by morning. It also charges his AirPods at the same time, serves as a catchall for his watch, and levels up his nightstand in leather or linen. ($160, Courant)

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Hand-brewed coffee pods to make his mornings a little smoother…

These pods are brewed with the finest coffee beans, then flash frozen to maintain their freshness, so even true coffee connoisseurs will approve. All he has to do is add hot water or melt the pod ahead of time, then add to chilled water or milk if he wants it iced. Take it from us, these recyclable capsules get us out of bed in the morning. (64+, Cometeer)

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A steak gift box that conveniently serves four to six…

What better gift to give than everything he needs to make dinner for the whole family? This box includes two ribeyes and two filets from renowned Churchill’s Steakhouse in Spokane, Washington, expertly packed to ensure freshness upon arrival. Steak seasoning and herbed butter are also included. ($279.95, Goldbelly)

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Best Buy

A pair of over-the-ear Bose headphones to help him block out the noise…

When he just wants to relax, all he has to do is slip on these Bluetooth-compatible headphones made by a brand that’s synonymous with high-quality sound. They last up to 24 hours on a single charge and have two modes, one for complete noise cancellation and one that’ll let some background sounds in. ($249, Best Buy)

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An eau de parfum to elevate his fragrance game…

He probably wouldn’t buy this for himself, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a little Hermès. This fragrance is the perfect mix of earthy and woody scents, including fresh herbs and pear granita. Since it’s a universally appealing scent, it’s something you or your mom can borrow, too. ($125+, Sephora)

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A watch box for a timepiece collector…

Give him a luxurious spot to store his most cherished timepieces with this vegan leather and suede box that holds up to eight watches at a time. It also has a pull-out drawer for additional watches, watch straps, or other fine jewelry. It’ll keep everything on display, which will be especially important when he’s on the go and wants to grab a piece to wear. ($169, Amazon)

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A bifold wallet for all of his cards and cash…

Chances are he’s had the same wallet since you were born, so it might be time for an upgrade. This one is made from full-grain leather, so it already feels soft and broken-in. It has eight credit card slots, a large compartment for cash, and a slim construction so it won’t feel bulky in his pocket. You can even get it monogrammed for a sweet personalized touch. ($90+, Leatherology)

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