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Galentine's Gift Ideas To Show Your Besties You Love 'Em

gifts for galentines
Design: Diana Chau Hu | Photo: Jennifer Fisher, Amazon, Loops
January 18, 2023

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Sure, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to do something special with your partner — but it’s also the perfect time to celebrate the besties, sisters, and mom figures in your life. So for Galentine’s Day, we rounded up some cute Valentine's Day gifts that’ll show your crew just how much you love them. (Plus some options you’ll wanna scoop up to treat yourself, too.) It’s time to shower the Meredith to your Cristina with items they’ll absolutely adore. Now just make sure they text you when they get home. Love ya.

Want more gift ideas for your valentine? Check this out for our recs for everyone on your be-mine list.


A face mask set for self-care nights at home…

Whether they are skincare obsessed or just here for the cute masked up selfie opportunity, this variety pack will have them feeling oh so good. It comes with five colorful jelly sheet masks that’ll brighten, detoxify, luminate, and rejuvenate their skin. Give the whole set to one friend or split up among a group. You’re the best Galentine in town. ($35/5 pack, Loops)

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Jennifer Fisher

Chunky hoops that’ll go with everything…

You can never go wrong with gifting your bestie a pair of statement hoops. This pair is the perfect everyday size and comes in gold, silver, or rose gold plated brass. Not to mention they’re super lightweight so your BFF won’t need to worry about weighing down her lobes. How sweet it is to be loved by you. ($295, Jennifer Fisher)

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A set of delicious mochi ice cream…

Because truly what is Valentine’s Day without some sweets? This bundle comes with everything they’ll need to host the ultimate mochi party. They’ll get flavors like vanilla chip and black sesame to purple sweet potato and mango. Plus, they’ll get four round wooden plates, serving tongs, and some cotton tea towels. It’s an absolute yes from us. ($112, Mochidoki)

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Best friend mugs
Enframe via Etsy

Best friend mugs, because they’re the Oprah to your Gayle…

Or vice versa. These ceramic dishwasher-safe mugs have a glossy finish and a vivid print that shouldn't chip or fade with use. Just like your friendship, it’s strong and can withstand anything that comes its way. (Aw.) You can choose between two sizes — and can even double up on the order if you want to get yourself a matching one. ($24+, Enframe via Etsy)

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Bathtub caddy tray

A bathtub tray that’ll hold all their self-care accoutrements…

Made of 100% bamboo, this one has extendable handles so you can rest easy knowing it’ll fit your bestie’s tub. It’s got special slots for books, candles, wineglasses, and a phone so they can relax (or FaceTime you) without getting bubbles all over their stuff. Ultimate bath time goals. ($38.99+, Amazon)

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Deux edible cookie dough

Insanely delicious edible cookie dough…

If your friend is having a hard time this Valentine’s Day (and even if they’re not), there’s no better present than the gift of a sugar high. With Deux, they can scoop and enjoy the dough straight from the jar or pop it in the oven to bake. It’s plant-based, so no raw egg to worry about here, plus it’s gluten-free. With this pack of four they’ll get a peanut butter chocolate chip, birthday cake, classic chocolate chip, and the brand’s hazelnut spread. Psst: the chocolate chip one has zinc and elderberry in it for immune support. So they’ll have the most delicious V-Day ever, thanks to you. ($64/4 pack, Deux)

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Instant camera and film

An instant camera with film so they can make memories last a lifetime…

The Insta grid may be where most major moments live these days, but there’s just something special about an IRL photo they can hold and display. Pics from this lightweight camera (it comes in 10+ color options) will print immediately, and they’re small enough to stash in a wallet, purse, or mini photo frame. Long days and early nights may come and go, but pics with your bestie are forever. ($86.20+, Amazon)

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Brightland honey duo

Artisanal honey from one of the buzziest food brands around…

The girls that get it, get it. And this honey duo from Brightland is *it.* They’ll get two jars of 100% pure, raw unfiltered honey — one from California, one from Hawaii — in recyclable glass containers. The California orange blossom variety comes from single-estate orange groves in the Central Valley and has a citrus finish. And the Kauai wildflower honey has a molasses-like finish that’s finger-licking good. Yum. ($42/2 pack, Brightland)

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Cat mom hat
HatphileMade via Etsy

A ‘cat mom’ hat so she can show off her love for her feline(s)…

Because you love her almost as much as she loves her cat. This one’s pre-washed, 100% cotton, and has an adjustable strap in the back. All she needs now is a stroll around town and a few pics for the gram so she can rock her new fave accessory for all to see. Purrr. ($16.99+ HatphileMade via Etsy)

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Bubble tea kit
Uncommon Goods

A bubble tea kit that’ll help them get through a tough day of work calls…

This set will let your giftee make black and rooibos chai bubble tea straight from their kitchen table. They can do a hot or cold batch of homemade boba, plus they’ll get two reusable stainless steel straws. Sip, sip. ($40, Uncommon Goods)

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Tiny rose puzzle

A tiny rose puzzle they can tinker with while watching TV…

Looking to gift something that immediately sparks joy? This mini jigsaw to the rescue. It can be completed in 20 minutes or less — so it’s the perfect satisfying thing to do while rewatching eps of “Friends” for the hundredth time. Have fun, bestie. ($15, Amazon)

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Smiley face stud

A smiley-face stud to brighten their day…

Give their ear-accessory sitch a little upgrade. You can buy a single stud or pair of smiley jewels that are safe for sensitive ears. They have butterfly back closures to prevent them from easily falling out. To care for them, tell your giftee to avoid water and to remove them before showering to keep them from tarnishing. Come on, get happy. ($24/single or $48/pair, Studs)

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Jar with personal messages
Uncommon Goods

A handcrafted jar filled with personalized messages about why your bestie is the actual best…

This is the perfect gift to show ’em how much you really love them. The messages (you’ll pick 12 from a list of 56) come printed on heart-shaped wooden chips. You can also personalize the lid with your friend’s name and their fave colors. ($45, Uncommon Goods)

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Hydrating eye masks
Grace & Stella

Hydrating eye masks for when they wake up on the wrong side of the bed…

Hey, it happens. And friends don’t let friends show up to Zoom meetings with under-eye bags. These illuminating and revitalizing gel patches help get rid of dark circles and puffy skin. They’re filled with nutrient-rich minerals that’ll work to rejuvenate your BFF’s eye area and provide them with an instant boost of hydration. Plus, when kept cold, they can also have an extra cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. There’s no better way to say ‘ily bestie’ than with these. ($24/24 pack, Grace & Stella)

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Heart-shaped wooden spoons

Heart-shaped wooden spoons because home is where the heart is…

And the heart of the home is in the kitchen. These eco-friendly, 100% natural redwood carved spoons make the perfect gift. Every time your giftee uses them for their yogurt or to scoop their coffee, they’ll think of you. Aww. ($26.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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An updated take on an ice roller…

Show them that they’re the coolest with this handy skincare tool. All they have to do is fill the silicone mold with water and pop it in the freezer. After a few hours, they’ll have a smooth piece of ice they can roll across their face. It’ll help with puffiness, stimulate blood circulation, and more. ($15.99+, Amazon)

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Heart-shaped hoya plants
The Bouqs Co.

Heart-shaped hoya plants…

Because your life would succ(ulent) without them in it. This set of two easy-to-care-for plants come potted in cement planters with pink rocks. They’re safe for pets and require direct sunlight and a watering every two to three weeks. Grow get it. ($44, The Bouqs Co.)

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Kate McLeod body stone
Kate McLeod

A moisturizing body stone that’ll change the way they think about self-care…

This one from Kate McLeod is literal magic. Think of it as a replacement for body lotions and creams (aka goodbye, stickiness and oily remnants). This waterless stone softens when it comes into contact with warm, dry skin. After using it, your giftee will feel glowy, soft, and oh-so supple. It’s perfect for anyone who dreads putting on lotion or cream at the end of the day. ($12+, Kate McLeod)

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Friendship necklace
DearAvaGifts via Etsy

A friendship necklace she’ll want to wear for years to come…

This dainty necklace has more than 15k reviews and is a cute way to show your appreciation for your nearest and dearest. The handmade piece has a little compass hanging as a charm — because no matter how far you are from each other, she’ll always be your North Star. ($29.99, DearAvaGifts via Etsy)

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"Cooking at Home" cookbook

A cookbook for anyone who doesn’t like cooking every day…

Microwavable recipes for the win. This one by Momofuku founder and chef David Chang and food writer Priya Krishna is all about improvisation, hacks, and how to use your microwave and other easy things in your kitchen to cook. It’s perfect for new moms, busy parents, or anyone who doesn’t always have the time or energy to coordinate a big, delicious meal. ($13.99+, Amazon)

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Ovaries before brovaries
MiddleMouse via Etsy

The perfect card for when gifts aren’t your thing...

Better with words? Here ya go. This ‘ovaries before brovaries’ card is juuust what you need. We have a strong feeling they’re gonna love it. ($4.80, MiddleMouse via Etsy)

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Wine filter

A tiny filter that may help them avoid some classic hangover symptoms…

If your Galentine’s Day plans consist of drinking Mrs. Red and Mrs. White together, you should gift them this too. They can run this wand through their wine before drinking and it’ll filter out histamines and sulfites. Aka the things that can cause reactions like congestion, red cheeks, and headaches. And no, it won’t affect the taste of their drink. Cheers. ($12.99/3 pack, Amazon)

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Strawberry ceramic vase

A strawberry ceramic vase…

Because your bestie is mostly sweet but can sometimes be a little sour. It’s an eye-catching piece that can hold flowers, kitchen utensils, desk accessories, or whatever they want to use it for. And anyone who sees it on display will ask, “Where’d ya get that?” ($26.95, Amazon)

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Dagne Dover cosmetic bag
Dagne Dover

A cosmetic bag for all your travels together…

A perfect choice for the gal who’s your tried-and-true travel companion. This water-resistant neoprene bag from Dagne Dover is one of our faves. It’s hand-washable, tear-resistant, and shock-absorbent, which makes it super reliable and a go-to come packing time. Plus, they’ll think of you every time they go to grab it. ($45+, Dagne Dover)

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Jones Road Beauty

A miracle multipurpose balm for ‘no-makeup makeup’ days…

Enter: this glowy, light-reflecting balm from Jones Road Beauty (aka Bobbi Brown’s new-ish makeup brand) that’ll shorten their AM routine. It comes in a handful of flattering tones that your giftee can layer over their fave foundation. The best part? They can swipe it *anywhere* they want some extra glow — eyes, lips, cheeks, you name it. Glow get it. ($38, Jones Road Beauty)

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Bev canned wine

Canned wines for your girls’ night in…

For when you wanna give a gift that you’ll benefit from too. Bev knows what's up. It’s fizzy wine, but portable. Your giftee will get a mix of canned Rosé, Blanc, and Gris. And bonus: There's no added sugar in any of their vinos (goodbye, hangovers and headaches). Pour it up. ($99/24 pack, Bev)

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