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18 Games, Puzzles, and Cards to Stay Inside With

17 Games, Puzzles, and Cards to Stay Inside With
Design: theSkimm | Photos: What Do You Meme?, Le Puzz, Cards Against Humanity
January 4, 2023

This post was originally published in January 2022 and has been updated.

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Now that the chilly temps have arrived, there’s no better way to spend your time at home than with some new board games and puzzles. So we rounded up the ones that’ll give your classic faves (though there’s no shame in Monopoly and Catan) a run for their money. We’ve got classic board games, strategy games, card games, memory games, ones you can play over dinner and drinks, and some you can even play solo. Come one, come all, the fun is here.

Pop culture–related games

Harry Potter Codenames

A Harry Potter-themed word-slash-picture association game…

Codenames for the win (IYKYK). Just like in the regular version, you’ll use one-word clues to guide your team to victory — except this time everything’s magic-themed. The more Hogwarts references, the better. Accio, winners trophy, please. ($29.99, Walmart)

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The Office meme game

A meme-based game that’ll get everyone belly laughing… 

A fun card sesh all about “The Office”? It’s a match made in heaven. Your group will be in tears — the happy kind, of course — as you get your crew to match the show’s famous one-liners with meme-able snapshots of the Dunder Mifflin crew. ($28.99, Amazon)

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Board games

Pandemic board game

A strategy game about saying ‘buh bye’ to a global pandemic before it takes over the world…

*Olivia Rodrigo voice* Do you get déjà vu? In this one, teamwork makes the dream work. There are four diseases that are threatening to take over your board game world (casual), and your team must find the cure and work together before it’s too late. Each person will have a different set of unique skills that’ll benefit your group’s mission. Put ’em to the test and save the world. It can be played with two to four players total, and the average game takes around 45 mins. So it makes the perfect post-dinner game sesh. ($32.74, Amazon)

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Chameleon board game

A game where you have to figure out who’s lying…

The Chameleon’s great for big groups and fast play. In it, everyone knows the secret word — except for the one with the Chameleon card. You’ll use hidden codes, words, and literal finger pointing (it’s part of the game, people) to figure out who’s guilty and lying. The goal is to blend in and coast by without getting caught. You can play with up to eight players and it goes pretty quick, so you can do round after round. This strategy game includes 40 topic cards, 14 code cards, dice, stickers, and everything you’ll need to play successfully. ($16.69, Amazon)

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Telestrations game

A tangible version of Telephone…

Okay, it’s not technically a board game in the classic sense, but you’ll get erasable sketch books, dry erase markers, and a clean-up cloth to play. Here’s how it works: You draw a version of a word or phrase and then pass your board on to the next person and they’ll have to guess what word you drew. Next, they'll get a chance to draw and it keeps on going. Aka Telephone sans the whispering in people’s ears. It’s a super fun way to break the ice or channel inside jokes with your nearest and dearest. 1-800-yes-please. ($17.99, Amazon)

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A speedy dinner-inspired observation game for the whole family…

If you’re a fam of foodies, this one's for you. Each player will get a food-themed cardboard sheet with 10 cut-out holes. Then, the missing pieces will be placed on the table in a spot where everyone can see. You’ll then draw a card from a deck and slowly fill in your cut-outs. The first player to complete their sheet with the necessary ingredients (read: pieces) wins. Bon appétit. ($42, Anthropologie)

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Word and brain games

Wordwise game

A dice game the whole fam can get in on…

Wordwise requires you to think fast on your feet. Simply roll your dice (you’ll get lettered dice and numbered dice) and create as many words as you can in one minute. The person who comes up with the most words wins. It includes a scorepad, mini pencil, sand timer, instructions, and a portable storage tin that makes it convenient to bring on the road, in the car, or wherever. Andddd go. ($16.99, Amazon)

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Wood memory matching game

A memory-based teaser game you can play on your own…

Living solo? No problemo. In this one, you start with printed cards face down in a grid. The set comes with 52 cards (so 26 distinctive pairs), which you aim to match up by flipping cards over one by one. Once you do, you’ll start to memorize where they are on your table so you can match the pairs up. It’s mostly a game against yourself or the clock. See how fast your brain works and whether you can pick up on where all the matches are. Challenge = accepted. ($18.95, Amazon)

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Bananagrams aka the word game that doesn’t get old (even as an adult)…

This classic is a race against everyone (up to eight people) to build crossword grids made up of words, similar to Scrabble. It’s easy to play but pretty addicting once you get going. Plus, all the pieces fit into a small (and fun) banana bag, which makes transporting it around simple and mess-free. PS: You can play this one alone too, so if no one’s around and you’re looking for a tech-free way to spend your time, look no further. ($14.90, Amazon)

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1,000 piece puzzle
Le Puzz

A 1,000-piece puzzle with quality pieces that aren't flimsy and won't break on ya...

Steer clear of tiny tables when doing this extra-large puzzle. Real ones know to start with the border first then work your way through the middle. We love this one because each piece is cut differently from the rest (more about their random-cut piece process here). And if you need a break from this challenging one that features vintage matchbooks, check out the back of the puzzle box for some added fun. PS: For every puzzle sold, the co will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Do it, do it. ($38, Le Puzz)

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Gray Malin double-sided puzzle

A double-sided puzzle for double the fun…

Once you solve one side, take it apart, flip all the pieces, and start over to do the other. Each 500-piece puzzle is an aerial pic of a Hawaiian beach from popular photographer Gray Malin. The pieces are printed with no-glare, nontoxic inks and should come without all that yucky, loose puzzle dust that sometimes accompanies newly manufactured puzzles. ($19.98, Amazon)

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Conversation starters and party games


A game where ‘fake it ’til you make it’ is the goal…

Two truths and a whole lot of lies. In Balderdash, someone selects a word from the deck of cards. And each player has to write what they think the definition of the word is. You can write the actual answer, silly answers, an inside joke everyone will get — whatever you desire — and you call people’s bluffs along the way. You can play on and on, and the more the drinks flow, the wilder the answers will get. ($18, Amazon)

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Cards Against Humanity (family edition)

Cards Against Humanity (family edition)...

For anyone not in the know, it’s basically an IRL version of Mad Libs where guests throw down funny or ironic answers to a selected card with a fill-in-the-blank on it. This version is free of adult content and safe to play with kiddos ages 8+. Featuring 600 laugh-out-loud-worthy cards, it makes the perfect addition to any gathering. Family board games for the win. ($24.86, Amazon)

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Table Topics conversation starters
Uncommon Goods

Table Topics conversation starters…

This lucite cube holds 135 clever questions that’ll prompt some thought-provoking chats. Whether you use it to break the ice with people you don’t know that well, bring it to your next girls' night in, or keep it out on your own dinner table to use with your S.O., you’ll never have to experience awkward silence again. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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Classic board games and updated versions of classics

A vintage-inspired set of checkers and backgammon…

This colorful board is double-sided and comes with everything you need to play these two different games in one. You’ll get two sets of checkers and two dice. Add to your coffee table for an adorable statement. ($28.95,

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A travel-friendly version of Rummikub…

This set comes in a canvas bag so it makes for easy storage and travel (whether from room to room or for stashing in your suitcase). If you’ve never played before, Rummikub involves using little tiles to create runs or sets based on the numbers and colors of the tiles you get. Like Uno, the goal is to get rid of your tiles first. You’ll get more strategic the more you play — and trust us when we say it can get super competitive. ($16.30+, Amazon)

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Chinese Checkers

A beautiful modern Chinese Checkers set… 

Friendly competition, coming right up. This modern one comes with 60 colored wooden pieces and a playing board. It’s the type of set that’ll make your friends and fam ask where you got it. Plus, it makes a wonderful housewarming gift. ($59, Shopbop)

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Pick-up sticks

An updated version of pick-up sticks to play with the kiddos…

This classic game can be played with those ages 3+ and doesn’t require a whole lot of brain power. It’s simple: Once your sticks are all mixed together on a table or floor, your goal is to remove them one by one without making any others move (sort of like Jenga). The wooden sticks come in bright, aesthetically pleasing colors that you won’t mind leaving out. ($29, Revolve)

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