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15 Genius Products That’ll Save You Money in the Long Run

fabric shaver
August 7, 2020

Everyone loves saving money. It’s not the easiest thing to do, we get it. But when you take a quick inventory of how much you spend, what is essential versus unnecessary?

Small changes can make a big difference. Constantly buying makeup wipes? Not anymore. What about paper towels? Next. Get ready for some products that’ll do the saving for you. You’re welcome.

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bath towel

For when the towel you just bought and washed feels like actual sandpaper…

Replace it with Havly. These towels are built to last. They feature a loop for easy hanging (and drying), and are made from sustainably-sourced Aegean cotton. So they’re v absorbent. And only get softer with each wash. Cozy post-shower nap, here you come. ($44, Havly)

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shaving razor

For when you’re tired of buying throwaway razors that nick your skin…

Upgrade to Billie. And get a smooth, close shave every time. In the starter kit you’ll get the handle, two razor cartridges, and a magnetic holder. You’ll also get refill blades when you need them. All without the pink tax. Hi, silky skin and savings.* (Just $9 + free shipping, Billie)

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cooking pan

For when your go-to cookware looks like it belongs in the garbage…

Choose the Always Pan. Because it’s also eight-in-one. Aka, it can fry, saute, and steam. Plus it features a spatula with a built-in spoon rest. It can also moonlight as a skillet and saucepan. And it’s non-stick. It’ll be your new BFF. ($145, Our Place)

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makeup eraser cloth

For when you go through makeup wipe packs weekly…

Use a reusable cloth. A gentle cloth that works on sensitive skin to remove every bit of foundation, concealer, eye shadow, and mascara. The trick? Just add water. And once the cloth is used, you can toss it in the washing machine. Magic. ($19, Amazon)

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containers that keep your produce fresh for longer

For when you watch your strawberries turn moldy after a few days…

Try a new container. These containers regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide flow, so they keep your produce from spoiling. That’s right. Lettuce won’t wilt. Blueberries won’t mush. Plus, the built-in filter never needs to be replaced. ($16.99/set of 2, Target)

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dryer balls

For when you swear off dryer sheets and harmful chemicals…

Turn to dryer balls. That’ll soften your laundry. And save time and energy by cutting down on drying time by an average of 25% per load. BTW, they also help reduce static and wrinkles. You can even add your favorite essential oil to the wool balls since they’re unscented. Gimme, gimme more. ($20/set of 3, Celsious)

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fabric shaver to remove lint and pills

For when you wanna breathe new life into your pilled sheets…

Fabric shaver to the rescue. Pillow cases, blankets, and clothes will look as good as new. The shaver will remove all the lint and pill balls. So you won’t need to dish out cash. Savings account, is that you? ($50, Goodee)

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toothbrush set

For when the toothbrush you bought from the corner store falls apart…

Invest in Quip. You can choose a one-time purchase or a subscription. In the starter kit you get one electric toothbrush, a case, a large mint toothpaste, and one refillable floss. If you opt for refills, you’ll get fresh brush heads, floss, and toothpaste shipped to your door every three months. Flash those pearly whites. ($55+, Quip)

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reusable paper towels

For when your garbage is filled with used paper towels…

Reduce your waste. And save some money. These reusable paper towels will get the job done and won’t fall apart all over your counters. Each individual sheet lasts for one week. Once used, it can be composted. Carbon footprint = reduced. ($32/set of 3, Food52)

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underwear to wear during your period

For when it’s that time of the month…

Nix the tampons. Instead slip into a pair of bikini-cut underwear that’ll do the work for you. You won’t have to worry about leaks. Just full-day protection. To clean, just pop them into the washing machine. Sigh of relief sold separately. ($69.99/set of 4, Ruby)

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french press coffee maker

For when you’re committed to your morning (and afternoon) coffee…

Brew it yourself. And get a fresh cup every morning without having to pay. Plus you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home. The only thing you’ll have to buy is beans. Cha-ching. ($21.20, Amazon)

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vitamin E serum

For when your beauty cabinet is overflowing...

Stick to what works. Why hoard products when you only need one? This vitamin C and vitamin E serum work together to brighten skin, rid of rough texture, smooth fine lines, and clear dark spots. Time to clear out all the bottles you never use. ($36, Hyper Skin)

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grooming gloves for pets

For when your groomer is open, but you’re avoiding contact...

DIY. And brush away dirt and loose hair from you fur baby. The gloves work on long- or short-hair dogs, cats, and horses. Their coat will stay silky soft. And your wallet will stay closed. ($13.99+/pair, Amazon)

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gadget that keeps your brown sugar soft

For when you’re just trying to bake, but keep hitting roadblocks…

Stop buying new ingredients. When wet, this gadget maintains moisture in brown sugar for three to six months. So you can use the bag in your pantry. It even works on baked goods, cakes, marshmallows, and dried fruit. And if used dry, it can keep crackers, pretzels and chips crispy. Impressive. ($4.55+, Amazon)

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tool to unclog your drain

For when your hair clogs the drain, but you don’t wanna call a plumber…

Use the drain snake. It’ll maneuver its way down the pipe, grooved edges picking up hair, food, and other garbage along the way. Just don’t look at what you pull out. It may cause instant nausea. Apologies in advance. ($6.99+, Amazon)

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