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Gifts Any Holiday-Party Host Will Appreciate

the best gifts for holiday hosts
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November 1, 2021

The good news: You may be back to attending holiday parties this year (thanks, science). The bad news: You may also find yourself scrambling to find a gift for the host that doesn’t scream, “I grabbed this on the way here.”

Sure, a bottle of wine or flowers are foolproof go-tos. But your friends probably deserve something a little more special for making the effort to pull a party together. These creative host ideas for every budget are pretty much guaranteed to get you invited back next year.Want more holiday gifting ideas? Check out The Sleigh List — our guide to the perfect gifts for everyone on your A-list.

A truffle-infused hot sauce

A truffle-infused hot sauce that goes with everything…

If they’re the type to put hot sauce on every meal, they won’t be able to get enough of this creamy cult fave. It’s made with red chili peppers, white truffle oil, and agave nectar. It’s especially tasty on fried chicken, mac ’n’ cheese, and roasted veggies. Psst...its pretty packaging basically serves as its own gift box. Hot sauce, but make it extra fancy. ($34.99, Truff)

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A wine aerator

A wine aerator to pair with their favorite bottle...

Going the bottle-of-wine route? Add on a helpful accessory. This wine aerator infuses vino with oxygen to maximize taste. The rubber stopper will keep them (or you) from ruining their tablecloth on a rogue pour. ($16.99, Amazon)

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canned wines

Canned wines from Bev to get everyone in the celebration mood...

Fizzy wine, but make it portable. Bev knows what's up. Bonus: There's no added sugar in any of their vinos. Oh, and did we mention that theSkimm teamed up with Bev to create a sampler pack (typically $120) featuring sparkling rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir? Pour it up. ($99, Bev)

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A variety box of iconic cookies

A variety box of iconic cookies from Milk Bar…

IYKYK: These are not your average cookies. The box of 12 includes  some of their most-loved flavors. We’re talking cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow, corn, blueberry and cream, chocolate confetti, and more. Plus, each one is individually wrapped, so they’re a good idea for COVID-safe gatherings. ($39, Milk Bar Store)

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Hand sanitizer

Something everyone will want them to share...

Good thing this OLIKA hydrating clip-on hand sanitizer sampler set comes with more than one bottle. Because we have a feeling guests will want to take one (or two, or three) for themselves. The clean and safe formula works against 99.9% of germs. And we won’t judge if they wanna wear it as literal perfume. Thanks to scents like mint citrus, lavender, orange blossom, and cucumber basil. Oh, and it’s made with natural aloe vera for (v intensive) hydration when the cold really does bother ‘em anyway. Plus, Skimm’rs get 20% off when they shop before Dec 15. ($29.99, OLIKA)*

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An advent calendar

An advent calendar for “Friends” fanatics…

The one where you pivot from your typical holiday-party gift. This new advent calendar comes with 25 days’ worth of fun “Friends” nostalgia. For all of December, they can check out recipe cards, paper ornaments, and trinkets inspired by the show, all organized Monica-style in a neat box. ($19.84, Amazon

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A candle

A candle they’ll want to light way past December…

If they’re into candles, chances are they’ll already have their fair share of gingerbread-, pine-, and mulled cider-scented ones around the house. This Rattan candle smells less like a Christmas tree farm and more like sandalwood and warm musk. The hand-poured candle is made from a blend of soy and coconut wax and has 55 hours worth of burn time. And like all Otherland candles, it’s housed in a chic jar to boot. ($36, Otherland

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A charcuterie cookbook

A charcuterie cookbook for Instagram-worthy boards…

Thanks to Pinterest, we now know that pretty much every snack looks much cooler on a charcuterie board. Hype up your host with a cookbook filled with ideas on how to make the ultimate board (blue cheese fritters, anyone?). And if you wanna do something a little extra for someone special, consider throwing in this cheese board serving tray too. ($20.93, Amazon)

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A bottle carrier

A bottle carrier so they can tote wine in style…

No one wants to show up to a party carrying wine in a crumpled paper bag. Your host can use this Merino wool and leather tote to bring a bottle to gatherings or their favorite BYOB restaurant in style. Bonus: This carrier is 100% natural and biodegradable, so they can feel good about using it too. ($39, Goodee)

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Craft cocktail syrups

Craft cocktail syrups so they can make pro-level drinks…

Your giftee can serve up 48 bevs using the three 8-ounce bottles in this set. There’s a batch for Old-Fashioneds, Moscow mules, and spicy margaritas — they’ll just need to add the hard stuff. Pinkies up. ($33.60/3 pack, W&P)

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A custom tray

A custom tray with a map of their favorite city…

Give their coffee table a rustic, personalized vibe. This tray is handcrafted using mango wood and a vintage-inspired map of their hometown, current city or favorite vacation spot. And if they find it too pretty to use, it also makes for an eye-catching piece of decor on its own. ($65, Uncommon Goods)

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A seasonal spice set

A seasonal spice set so they can make their own PSLs…

This company was founded by a James Beard award nominee, so it’s safe to say the spices are chef-approved. This set comes with three fall favorites including mulling spices, pumpkin pie spice, and apple pie spice (think cinnamon, allspice, ginger). Cozy vibes, coming right up. ($18.99, Spicewalla)

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Wine markers

Wine markers that will make sure everyone holds on to their glass…

It’s a classic party scene: The night is two pours in and nobody knows which glass is theirs anymore. Wine markers are the perfect quick fix. This modern set comes with 14 simple, colorful felt rings that hook right onto your glass. No fuss, just function. ($56/4 pack, Goodee)

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Quirky food ornaments

Quirky food ornaments that deserve top-of-tree real estate…

It’s a proven fact that you can never have too many holiday ornaments. These vintage-inspired glass food-themed ones come in fun sets, like a fast food four-pack, a breakfast bundle, a set of ramen noodle essentials, and more. Or, buy one-offs like oysters, pickles, butter or beer. Perfect for the foodie you know (or anyone who simply loves cute things). ($16+, Food52)

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A DIY mochi kit

A DIY mochi kit to indulge their sweet tooth in the most fun way...

They’ll be able to enjoy matcha mochi made by hand with this sweet kit that comes with rice flour, potato starch, a dough cutter, silicone mochi mold, and instructions. They just have to add their favorite ice cream and sugar to make up to 32 pieces…and then try not to eat them all in one sitting. ($34, Uncommon Goods)

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A spirits glass

A spirits glass for the host who likes things neat…

If your host is kind of a big whiskey connoisseur or has go-to glassware for every kind of liquor, this glass will stand up to their high standards. It’s made to showcase the unique aromas of whiskey, bourbon, gin or any other spirit they might be into. All they have to do is pour their drink of choice into the widest part of the glass and swirl. Cheers. ($13.95, Grommet)

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A personalized game

A personalized game they’ll play over and over again…

If they’re a big fan of game nights (or they love to tell stories), this thoughtful custom board game will be a winner. It’s made using family photos, inside jokes, funny stories, and more. Choose a game theme (like families or ‘90s kids) and Bundle will create a personalized set just for them. There’s also a virtual option if your fam won’t all be in one place for the holidays. Game on. ($185, Bundle)


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