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The Best Products To Support Your Mental Health

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Design: theSkimm | Photos: Loops, Vitruvi, Moon Juice
May 14, 2024

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While we recognize that certain products aren’t going to solve all our problems, we do turn to some to support our mental health and feel better on the days we could use some extra self-love. For the last few months, we’ve integrated an assortment of tools, smart tech, apps, sleep support, books, and hobbies into our routines to see if they provided any additional mental clarity, anxiety relief, and feelings of calmness. Here are the winners worth trying out.

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Best Fidget Toy: Speks

Our editors have been extensively playing with — err, “testing” Speks for the last six months, so it’s safe to say that this brand is an obvious winner for us. Their namesake product is a smooth magnetic putty you can build structures with and run between your fingers, and their Gump is a fun stress ball-slime hybrid. We love these fidget toys for stressful work days, passive moments on the couch, or bouts of anxiety.

$34.95+ at Speks

Best Weighted Blanket: Bearaby

Instead of fillers or beads that come along with a typical weighted blanket, Bearaby’s bestseller has a thick, knitted texture made of 100% cotton to provide weight. This little detail goes a long way in the cozy department and its destressing capabilities are real. Pick from a range of weights up to 20 pounds.

$199+ at Bearaby

Best Noise Cancellation: Loop Earplugs

Another tried, tested, and true winner. We’ve told everyone about Loops, including family members, best friends, and baristas. These discreet earplugs fit in the palm of your hand and have three powerful levels of sound control. If you’re sensitive to noise or live in a louder climate, these are a must-have.

$59.95 at Loop$64.95 at Amazon

Best Acupressure Mat: Pranamat

Acupressure is a wellness trend we recently became aware of and we decided to give it a try ourselves. While Pranamat’s full body set is on the pricier side at $370, its versatility makes it not only a winner, but also well worth it. Our editors used the entire system for post-workout recovery, during meditations, and as a way to energize in the afternoon. Its lotus-shaped massagers provide tension and stiffness relief, along with good-for-you circulation.

$370 at Amazon

Best Daily Journal: The Five Minute Journal

While The Five Minute Journal is officially that viral product you see just about everywhere, it’s with good reason. Whether you’re a journaling novice or you’re looking to scale back your practice, the prompts are concise, straightforward, and allow you to start and end your day with success. You have space to only write a couple of lines including gratitude lists, affirmations, and highlights, but these tiny prompts go a long way mentally.

$28.99 at Amazon

Smart Tech and Apps


Best Aromatherapy: Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser

Aside from the design-forward shape and stone finish, Vitruvi’s diffuser is the most potent one we’ve tried. Add in the eight-hour run time and lifetime warranty, and you have a device that’s more than worth it.

$92.25 at Vitruvi

Best Breath Work Tool: Moonbird

Our new-to-meditation editors were floored at the breathwork support Moonbird was able to provide. The compact device ergonomically fits in your hand in a fist-like shape. It’ll expand and move in different patterns that’ll guide your breathing. There’s even a corresponding app (that isn’t required to use) that’ll show your body’s response to the tool through heart rate and heart rate variability data.

$199 at Moonbird

Best Meditation App for Beginners: Headspace

Headspace is perfect for those looking for a guided meditation app that’s simple and easy to follow. Our favorite feature of the app is its daily schedule, which precurates meditations to do throughout the day based on your needs. We also love that they seem to have meditations for just about every situation, from leaving home and processing anger to building self-confidence and befriending your body.

$5.83+/month at Headspace
The Psychology of Your Twenties

Best Mental Health Podcast: The Psychology of Your Twenties

While this has been on Apple Podcast’s charts for quite some time now, it’s new to us and we can’t get enough. Each week, host Jemma Sbeg uses psychological studies as a foundation to discuss why young adulthood — and adulthood in general — is such a struggle. She covers topics like imposter syndrome, indecisiveness, how to enjoy your own company, disliking your friends’ partners, and so much more. TLDR, you don’t have to be in your twenties to get something out of this as we walked away from each listen feeling better and informed.

Listen on Apple PodcastsListen on Spotify

Best Comprehensive Meditation App: Calm

Intermediate meditators, this app is for you. Calm’s app definitely feels approachable, while being ideal for those looking for more advanced at-home options. They have extensive courses, selections for stress and anxiety, soundscapes, and our favorite part: their sleep stories with celebrity narrators. Bedtime story narrated by Harry Styles, anyone?

$5.83+/month at Calm


Moon Juice

Best Sleep Aid: Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om

ICYMI: This is the key ingredient to the viral Sleepy Girl Mocktail and we can attest that this mix-in from Moon Juice put us to sleep. You can pick from flavors like berry and blue lemon — both tart and refreshing flavors that don’t taste too sweet. And if you’re curious about how it made us so sleepy, it contains three forms of magnesium and L-theanine for major relaxation benefits.

$42 at Moon Juice$42 at Sephora

Best Sleep Device: Loftie Alarm Clock

It feels like there are infinite “smart alarm clocks” on the market these days, but out of all of them, we’re most impressed by Loftie’s. It has built-in sound baths and guided meditations, but its standout feature is its two-phase alarm. With that feature, the alarm mimics the body’s natural wake-up process (which means you won’t be hitting the snooze button over and over).

$149.99 at Loftie

Best Eye Mask: Casper

No pun intended, but we can’t get over how slept on this mask is. The entire thing is made of a cloud-like, soft, stretchy, breathable material. Where it is a clear winner compared to other eye masks we’ve tested: the band is ultra-wide. Which means you’ll wake up with crease-free hair, it'll block out even more light, and it’ll provide uniform comfort without awkward pulling. PS: This is currently out of stock, but should be restocked shortly.

$44.10 at Casper

Best Pillow: Marlow Pillow

Hello, genius idea. Marlow’s bestselling pillow has zippers along two sides. Depending on where you unzip it, it’ll provide a different level of firmness depending on your needs. Buy a set of pillows without having to worry about your partner’s differing preferences. Everyone’s happy.

$45.50+ at Marlow

Best Mattress: Helix’s Midnight

This mattress is another fantastic does-it-all sleep product we’re obsessed with. Helix’s Midnight mattress has a medium feel and side-sleeper support. Pick between its Breathe Knit fabric for cooling airflow or and a pillow top for an extra layer of cushioning (as if it couldn’t get any softer). It’s made of a combination of memory and contouring foam, along with steel coils for added support. So yeah, it’s just that good.

$702.20+ at Helix



Best Book for Career Inspiration: “The Karma of Success” by Liz Tran

There are endless career books that attempt to tell you what to do based on what other successful people are doing. We appreciated executive coach Liz Tran’s book for its focus on the self and how following your intuition can help you lead a happier life and career. We even found ourselves drawing infographics from the book onto Post-It notes to keep on our fridges (a key indicator it’s a book we won’t stop thinking about).

$15.99+ at Amazon

Best Book for Creative Inspiration: “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert

This list would have a huge, gaping hole if we didn’t include “Big Magic” as a winner. Reading this book, our editors walked away not only feeling joyful, but also free enough to do whatever our creative hearts desired. How so? Gilbert talks about every big emotion that comes with living creatively and it turns out, holding space and recognizing those feelings makes being creative all the easier.

$14.99+ at Amazon

Best Book for Self-Love: “Remember Love” by Cleo Wade

This is the ultimate book for feeling your feelings. In it, bestselling poet Cleo Wade covers how to use love as a guiding light when we feel lost. She also pulls from personal anecdotes on heartbreak, depression, anxiety, and returning back to herself. The chapters are easy to read and short enough that you can start your day with a few.

$11.99+ at Amazon

Best Book for Growth: “How It Feels to Find Yourself” by Meera Lee Patel

In addition to the stunning watercolor illustrations in this book, Patel beautifully breaks down each section into clear themes related to navigating change. Our favorites included “Finding Home” and “Finding My Purpose.” If you or someone you know is entering a new life chapter and feeling daunted by it, this book is a solid companion.

$12.99+ at Amazon

Best Book for When You’re Feeling Alone: “Thanks for Waiting” by Doree Shafrir

As women, we’re gaslit into thinking we have less time than we really do. Spoiler alert: We have an abundance of time. In Doree Shafrir’s stunning memoir, she talks about being a “late bloomer” in her twenties and thirties, the timeline pressures we all feel as women, and her experience with first-time motherhood at 41. This book made us feel less alone in every single way and for that, it is a clear winner.

$4.13+ at Amazon



Best Card Game: Where Should We Begin?

This is the closest thing to having psychotherapist Esther Perel at home with you, aside from listening to her highly followed podcast. It contains 200 cards with fill-in-the-blank statement prompts and a six-sided die to help players shape their story. When playing, we noticed that it cultivated thoughtful conversation and play with loved ones for deeper connections.

$40 at Amazon

Best Interactive Journal: Wreck This Journal

It’s a classic for a reason. This guided journal requires minimal materials and is meant to be artfully destroyed. We love it for the days where you might be feeling extra stir-crazy, or need a welcome distraction. Prompts allow for painting, shredding, poking holes, and so much more. Not to mention, the price makes it even better.

$8.15 at Amazon

Best Paint-By-Numbers Kit: Paint Anywhere

Skimm’rs have been buying this kit left and right, and now we have too. We love Paint Anywhere’s Mini Canvas Kits because they’re ideal for beginners or those who don’t want a giant, intimidating picture to start. Plus, the imagery is actually chic, so you’ll proudly want to show off your work at home.

$36 at
Jiggy Puzzles

Best Puzzle: Jiggy Puzzles

Founded by a former Skimm HQ’r, Jiggy’s designs are bright, unique, and even come with a corresponding glue so your puzzle can be framed. It makes the sweetest gift for all the puzzlers in your life. A noteworthy favorite? The brand’s personalized option.

$29+ at Jiggy Puzzles

Best Craft Kit: Sculpd

Pottery is back and all the rage right now, but we aren’t wanting to splash out tons of money for classes. Because of that, Sculpd became a fast favorite amongst the team for its easy at-home kits that provide everything you need, from air-drying clay and glazes to tools. The instructions are simple to follow and we love checking out their Instagram for inspiration.

$65+ at Amazon

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