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Hangover Cures for Your Next Night Out

Hangover cures
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June 29, 2023

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We’re not opposed to a GNO every once in a while, but we also want to make sure you feel your best afterward, no matter how long you stay out on the dance floor. Here’s a list of our favorite products that make the day after just a bit easier — from a skin primer that’ll help with dryness to packets full of electrolytes for hydration. It’s time to take on the night (and the day) like a pro. 

Hangover cure powder

A powder that’ll rehydrate you ASAP…

Think ahead and make sure you have some of these fizzy sticks in your pantry. This variety pack includes three flavors (all low sugar), with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Just mix one into 8 ounces of water the morning after and breathe deep. ($31.95, Amazon)

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Eye cream hangover cure

Caffeinated eye cream to match your giant cup of coffee…

This eye cream is both lightweight and hydrating, and reduces puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles like a charm. Use it on its own as part of your skincare routine or as a base layer when you do your makeup. ($10.99, Sephora

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Hangover cure

A supplement you can take before you drink…

This elixir’s got everything from electrolytes to Korean red ginseng extract to make for one of the easiest mornings-after you’ve ever had. Trust us — we’ve tried it. Take it before your first drink or up to an hour after your last drink of the night. ($35.99, Pack of 6/Amazon)

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Recovery hangover cure
The Good Patch

A recovery patch you can stick and forget…

These patches release a steady stream of hydrating ingredients over the course of 12 hours to help you sail into the next day as easily as possible. They’re paraben-free, latex-free, vegan, and dermatologically tested so you can feel good about sticking them on. Party on. Psst…Read our Skimm Tested review of the brand’s specialized patches here. ($12, 4 count/The Good Patch)

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Face primer hangover cure

A skin primer that’ll boost your next-day look…

Coconut water, probiotics, and skin revivers will work overtime to get your skin looking and feeling good. Use this on its own to brighten and combat dryness or use it under your makeup for a smoother, more hydrated finish. ($37, Sephora

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CBD Gummie
Molly J

HQ’r fave gumdrops infused with CBD…

These are infused with CBD and vitamins like potassium and magnesium, to help lift you out of that post-celebration fog. Take one before you head to bed, and one when you wake up for serious recovery assistance. ($22+, 4 pack/Molly J

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Jade roller

A jade roller and gua sha set for facial massages…

IOHO (in our humble opinions), these tools are best used when cold. But if you prefer them at room temp, store them in your bathroom medicine cabinet. Use the jade roller across your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, rolling outward and upward, and follow with the gua sha tool. The stimulation is said to decrease puffiness, help blood flow, and reduce sinus pressure. Not to mention the pressure and movements just feel really darn good. Hello, relaxation. ($11.99+, Amazon)

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Hydrating cream

Hydrating cream to revive your dry skin…

Gone are the days of post-party dryness thanks to this hyaluronic acid-based cream. It restores your skin’s natural barrier and locks in moisture for up to 48 hours after use. Plus, it’s nonclogging, fragrance-free, and dermatologist-approved. Win-win-win. ($15.51, Amazon)

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hangover cure ice roller
The Skinny Confidential

An ice roller to help the de-puffing process…

Harness the power of cool and roll the night’s activities away. This one tightens, de-puffs, and stays cooler longer thanks to its aluminum design. You’ll come for the hangover help and stay for the daily effects of pore shrinkage and lymphatic drainage. ($69, The Skinny Confidential)

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Cold Compress

A cold compress headband for sweet relief…

Fend off your next hangover headache with this one-size-fits-all cooling cap. It blocks out light and can handle both hot and cold therapy: just freeze it for two hours before use if you want a cold compress, or microwave it according to the instructions if you prefer heat. Choose from three different colors/patterns so you can relax in style. ($29.95, Amazon)

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