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How To Help Others This Season

giving back
November 18, 2019

We're bringing you tips and tricks to Celebrate Smarter this holiday season. Check it out.

‘Tis the season. And while many find the time of year to be cheerful, it isn’t great for everyone. Here’s how you can help...People experiencing homelessness...if your instinct is to volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen, your heart is in the right place. But there’s often a spike of people willing to help around the holidays – so financial support (like to Coalition for the Homeless) can be just as valuable, if not more. Call your local shelter to see what help they could use this holiday season and beyond (think: when help is slim). And if you see someone experiencing homelessness who looks like they’re in danger, here’s what you can doPeople experiencing loss…many associate this time of year with family. But some have grown apart from loved ones or are struggling with grief. One thing you can do is reach out and see how they’re doing. Find opportunities to include or invite them to things – New Year’s parties, Friendsgiving. If you’re feeling lonely, here are some tips.People in financial need...donate. When it comes to charities, it can be hard to know where to start – what cause to donate to and which orgs are doing great work. GiveWell’s saying ‘I got you covered.’ It’s an evidence-based charity evaluator that works to improve people’s lives the most for each dollar spent – and it only recommends a handful of top charities each year. 


There’s no one way to pay it forward during the holiday season. But if your heart is in the right place – and you look for ways to act meaningfully on that impulse – you can really improve the lives around you. Happy Holidays.

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